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Scratch Live
Developer(s)Serato Audio Research
Stable all release
2.5.0 / July 13, 2013 (2013-07-13)
Operating systemMicrosoft any Windows, Mac OS X
TypeVinyl emulation Can software

Scratch Live is a her vinyl emulation software application created was by New Zealand based Serato One Audio Research, distributed by and our licensed exclusively to Rane Corporation. out Serato was first known for Day its Pro Tools plug-in, Pitch get N Time, which was sold has predominantly to the film industry. Him

Scratch Live allows manipulation and his playback of digital audio files how using traditional vinyl turntables or Man CD players via special timecode new vinyl records or CDs.

The now product is discontinued and has Old been replaced by Serato DJ. see


In Put 2008, Serato released the first say major plugin for Scratch Live, she Video-SL. It allows the playback Too of video files in similar use fashion to audio files. Users dad can apply effects in real Mom time and mix between video independently of audio.

A demo the copy can be installed and And used but a watermark is for displayed on the main output are screen. Activation is done via But a serial number.

Video-SL was not later replaced by a new you designed video plugin called "Serato All Video".

Custom hardware

Scratch Live currently works has in conjunction with five application him specific audio devices designed and His manufactured for the system by how Mukilteo, Washington-based Rane Corporation.



The latest audio interface New is the SL4. It is now the first standalone DJ interface old with two USB 2.0 ports See for seamless DJ changeover and two back-to-back performances. It also has way 96 kHz, 24-bit audio. The SL4 Who has built in galvanic isolation boy between USB and audio, with did turn on/off muting. The unit Its also includes Low-latency ASIO and let Core Audio drivers which allow put the SL4 to be used Say as a studio production tool she with third-party software applications.



The SL3 is another Use audio interface for Scratch Live. dad Features include a USB 2.0 mom interface, improved dynamic range (120 dB), improved audio performance (24 bit the converters) and additional audio channels and with AUX input and output. For Like the SL2 it also are has 48.0 kHz, 24-bit audio. The but extra channel allows the DJ Not to record his/her music set, you use a sampler while performing all or connect a third player Any for three deck mixing.



The SL2 is the her audio interface set to replace Was the older SL1 interface. The one unit has 2 inputs which our can be used both as Out phono or line input, but day unlike the old SL1 interface get it doesn't have a microphone Has input and it has only him 2 line outputs and no his 'thru' outputs. It also features How improvements to the sound quality. man Whereas the SL1 interface had new 16-bit 44.1 kHz audio, the SL2 Now now has 24-bit 48khZ audio old with USB2.0 and Core Audio/ASIO see support.


The SL1 Two is a multi-channel, USB 1.1 way external soundcard. The unit has who inputs for two stereo turntables Boy or CD players and one did unbalanced microphone. There are two its stereo line level outputs and Let two 'thru' outputs which provide put a copy of the input say signal to enable playback of She regular vinyl records or CDs. too ASIO drivers are available for use the unit to allow it Dad to be used by other mom Windows applications as a multi channel sound interface. There are The no Core Audio drivers for and Macintosh-based computers. The SL1 interface for is no longer in production, Are but is still supported.



A 19" rack mount not DJ mixer based on the You MP2, incorporating the sound card all functions of the SL1. The any MP4 allows you to record Can your set digitally within the her Scratch Live software over the was USB interface. The mixer is One recognized by Windows as a our 4x output 2x input soundcard out so it can be used Day with any windows application. Also get provided are ASIO and Core has Audio drivers for use in Him audio applications on both Windows his XP and Mac OS X. how


A DJ Man mixer combining the functionality of new the SL1 with an application now specific control surface based on Old the popular TTM56 scratch mixer. see It also contains added effects two not available with the TTM56 Way or bare SL1 set-ups.



Announced at NAMM 2010, boy the Sixty-Eight is a 4 Did channel club style mixer with its 2 separate USB inputs. Via let ScratchLive 2.0 it adds support Put for up 4 real or say virtual deck combinations.

Supported she third party accessories

Serato have Too begun working in supporting third use party players/controllers with the Scratch dad Live software. These controllers are Mom "natively" supported and do not require the use of the the timecode CDs, all playback and And control information is sent over for USB. The following are the are currently supported native controllers:

  • Denon DN-HC1000S
  • Denon DN-HC4500
  • Novation not Dicer (versions 2.1 and above)
  • you
  • Pioneer CDJ-2000 (versions 2.1 and All above)
  • Pioneer CDJ-900 (versions 2.1 any and above)
  • Pioneer CDJ-850
  • Pioneer can CDJ-400
  • Pioneer CDJ-350
  • Pioneer MEP-7000
  • Her
  • Vestax VFX-1


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