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The Official Global DJ Rankings' statistics: Age

14:05 Mar/18/2014

Have you ever stopped to think how long guys like Guetta and Tiesto have been around? Maybe you’ve wondered how old you have to be to DJ or when it’s too late to play music in clubs and festivals?

Well, now there’s a really good source for drawing conclusions. DJ Statistics in The Official Global DJ Rankings gives you interesting and the most accurate statistics in the form of pie and bar charts. The thing that makes DJ Rankings so special, is that it ranks the Top 10,000 DJs in the world! That’s right, TOP 10K. It’s obvious that there’s more than 100 DJs worth mentioning in the world, a lot more. We know that making it in the top 10,000 is an accomplishment in itself. And you don’t have to bootlick any critics or reviewers for this to happen. The DJ’s are ranked based on an advanced algorithm, that gives an accurate, fair and most importantly independant information. We’ll be looking to elaborate on the various facets of this algorithm in another article soon.

Right now, we’ll be taking a closer look at the age aspect of DJ’s. We’ll see, whose the youngest and oldest ranking DJ in the top 1000. Also, there’s some interesting conclusions to be made of the statistics of the average age of Top 100 DJs.

So who is the youngest and who is the oldest DJ in the top 1000? We give our kindest regards to both the youngest and the oldest DJ in the DJ Rankings. Madeon, the child prodigy out of France, is only 18 years old and already unbelievably high 95th position in the rankings! Read the feature article about Madeon and his rise to stardom here! At the other end of the scale we find the 54-year old master of decks – the one and only – Grandmaster Flash. He’s not even close to giving up DJing. Flash is still touring and attending festivals as one of the founding fathers of hip hop and DJing in general. Check out his feature article here!

So what does the chart about average age tell us? Does it answer the question presented in the beginning? Namely about the age boundaries regarding DJing. As you might have expected, the answer is, there is no age limit to DJing! Well, one might say that you can’t get into clubs under legal drinking age. But veterans of DJing, like Fatboy Slim, would say that if you got the drive, you don’t need the driving license. Starting to DJ at school’s parties and local clubs, the sooner you start to learn the crowds reactions and refine your skills, the better. At the other hand, we have the guys who know the business of DJing through and out, like Grandmaster Flash. Recently, he’s started to discover the new possibilities of the digital age. The learning process never stops as there’s always some new sound, technique, equipment or program invented. The crowd’s never stop loving music and dancing. So it really comes to show that DJing is something ageless.

If we look at the DJs in the Top 100, we see that the average age of DJs is 36. Armin Van Buuren is 35 for example. However, the top two DJs are Tiesto (43) and David Guetta (44).On the absolute top we see more veterans than newcomers. There’s no sole reason for that. It’s a combination of factors ranging from fan base to revenues. One of the main factors to be considered is the experince of these two. Tiesto and Guetta have delivered year after year with impeccable quality. They have a reliable fanbase. Having started out in the time, when DJ’s weren’t considered superstars, they know the scene thoroughly. This means, they got their minds constantly on the pulse of events and trends. They know how to coupe with the changes, because they’ve often been the initiators of the changes themselves. Being a part of the development that DJ’s, nowadays, are enjoying superstar status unlike ever before, they themselves are making everything of it – profiting as well as enjoying themselves.

What’s also remarkable, is the fact that there isn’t any particular age group for the top DJs. We find that theres a bigger bar in the age of 25, with 6 DJs in that age at the moment. However, there’s also 6 DJs aged 37 and 41. There’s no particular ’prime time’. There’s only the present time, and the ranking on the list is dependant on the actions of the DJ in this present day. What’s changed in regards to the earlier days, is that in order to be succesful you don’t have to be signed to a prominent label or be a resident DJ in one club. The DJ’s aren’t held back by the lack of money or equipment. So the rules of the playground have changed. Diplo wrote in a recent article, that ’the DJs had always been the under-appreciated aspect of the music. We were the distributors who worked to promote the artist and the labels. If we were lucky we could carve a small party locally.’ One has to admit, that the change is rather positive than negative. All of the DJs have the same possibilities in regards of Youtube and social media. You have the chance to travel the world DJing, not just bounce around in your own neighbourhood. We live in an age where more turntables are being sold than guitars. So DJs of all ages, get those turntables spinning and show the world what you got!

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