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Electronic music pioneer Dave Tipper releases EP to help pay for open-heart surgery

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Steadily putting out music since 1997, Dave Tipper is a pioneer and an inspiration for a whole generation of musicians. If there weren't for Dave, there wouldn't be Bassnectar as you know him. However, we're not doing a feature story . As you're reading this, Dave will be going through an extremely complex heart surgery. Before the procedure was initiated, he released an EP and asked your help.


The upsetting situation is all the more troublesome as his insurance won't cover the medical costs. To help pay for the operation, you can purchase his music HERE. VIP mixes of 'Shatterbox', 'Bubble Control' and 'Puzzle Dust' for a small fee will be a huge boost. You can also make donations through Paypal to [email protected] The message on Dave's Facebook wall goes:

"In 17 hours from now i have to undergo open heart surgery. (I am very scared.)

In an attempt to lessen the blow of medical costs from this major procedure, i am releasing an EP of ‘VIP’ remixes that i’ve been playing in my live sets over the last couple of years. My good friends at Addictech are hosting the release and are forgoing their percentage, so that 100% of the money from your purchase goes towards helping me out. There is also a paypal donation address ([email protected]) if you feel like contributing more.

My intention is to bounce back from this stronger than ever, but regardless of what happens from here on out, i’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the years. It’s been a pleasure serving you all.



Head HERE, to buy the EP which will officially be released on July 1st! We wish a healthy operation to Dave!

Check out Tipper's work on an 2006 year LP The Seamless Unspeakable Something!

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