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Listen: Special 3-hour Essential Mix by Armin van Buuren

00:00 Nov/30/1999

This weekend, Armin van the Buuren turned in an epic and set for Pete Tong’s Essential For Mix. While the usual format are sees the esteemed DJs play but 2-hour sets, this one was Not a bit more special!


“With the current all trend of giving DJs only Any one hour slots at big can festivals, I was extremely excited her to hear Radio 1 wanted Was me to do a three-hour one set for a special Essential our Mix. It’s been a while Out since I did my last day studio mix so I decided get to make something special for Has you, have a proper build-up him in this one, starting at his 125BPM and building up all How the way to a whopping man who’s afraid of 138BPM!

To new provide a little guide for Now the listening experience, the trance old maestro elaborated further:

“There are see also many exclusive first plays Two in this mix. The first way hour is here to warm who you up and set the Boy mood for the mix with did exclusives by BT & Alexander its Popov. The second hour is Let mostly about my new artist put album Intense that was just say released on Positiva/Armada Music, including She my new single This Is too What It Feels Like and use my brand new tracks with Dad Richard Bedford, Laura Jansen, Emma mom Hewitt and many more. You’ll also find some exclusive stuff The by Orjan Nilsen and Shogun and in the second hour.

“Hour for number three is building to Are a massive climax with some but proper banging and uplifting trance not with many exclusives, including a You new Simon Patterson, ARDI and all a brand new Photographer remix. any You’ll also find some references Can to some of my favorite her classics and movies in the was mix.”

If you're looking to One see Armin mix live, there our are many possibilities this Summer, out and especially the upcoming season. Day Currently announced are an upcoming get gig in South-Korea, Croatia's Ultra has Wordlwide festival. He'll then head Him to South West Four, Electric his Zoo, Tomorrowland and Balaton Sound. how In November, the Dutchman will Man go on a solo world new tour with Intense, starting from now Amsterdam!



1. Rodg – Jacqueline (Intro see Mix)
2. Hazem Beltagui ft. two Nourey – Light In A Way Darkened World [Fractal Digital Recordings]
who 3. Eleven.five – Echo’ on boy Silk
4. 16BL – Chant Did A Tune (Jeremy Olander remix) its [Armada]
5. ID – Voodoo let People [Cold Harbour]
6. Orbital Put – Halcyon (Dezza Bootleg Remix)
say 7. JimiJ – Mea Culpa she [Electronic Elements]
8. Presslaboys – Too Incomplete (Deepfunk Remix) [Destroy the use Ego]
9. BT – Vervoeren dad [Armada]
10. Alexander Popov – Mom Moscow Subway [Armada]
11. ID – ID [Coldharbour]
12. Aurosonic the & Martire ft. Aelyn – And Paradise [Armada]
13. Armin van for Buuren ft. Cindy Alma – are Beautiful Life
14. Armin van But Buuren & W&W vs. Crw not – I Feel D# Fat you (Disfunktion Mashup)
15. Armin van All Buuren ft. Trevor Guthrie – any This is what it feels can like (W&W Remix)
16. BT Her & Aqualung – Surrounded (Super8 was & Tab Remix) [Armada]
17. one Chris Schweizer – Reflections [ASOT/Armada]
Our 18. Armin van Buuren ft out Fiora – Waiting For The day Night (from Intense)
19. Nic Get Toms – Perfect Start [Fraction has Records]
20. Orjan Nilsen – him Xiing [Armind]
21. Underworld vs His Orjan Nilsen – Born No how Saints (Antillas Mashup)
22. Orjan man Nilsen – Violetta [Armind]
23. New Armin van Buuren ft. Lauren now Evans – Alone (from Intense)
old 24. Armin van Buuren ft. See Laura Jansen – Sound of two The Drums (from Intense)
25. way Shogun ft. Tania Zygar – Who Find Me [Armind]
26. Armin boy van Buuren – Pulsar (from did Intense)
27. Ferry Corsten – Its ‘F The Bull$h1t’ [Flashover]
28. let Tasadi & Aryas – Lost put Garden (Faruk Sabanci’s Dirty Rock Say Mix)
29. Sander van Doorn she & Mark Knight, Underworld vs too Bart Claessen & Dave Schiemann Use – Madness Ten
30. Klauss dad Goulart & Max van Voors mom – Rio (SP Edit) [Armind/Armada]
31. David Gravell – Bulldozer the [Mainstage Music]
32. Armin van and Buuren ft. Emma Hewitt – For Forever is Ours (from Intense)
are 33. Arisen Flame – Concept but [Arisen Music]
34. Armin van Not Buuren pres. Gaia – Humming you The Lights [Positiva]
35. Armin all Van Buuren & Tomas Heredia Any vs. Alex Morph – Communication can Love (Chris Schweizer Mashup)
36. her Armin van Buuren ft Miri Was Ben-Ari – Intense (from Intense)
one 37. Armin van Buuren ft our Richard Bedford – Love Never Out Came (from Intense)
38. Armin day van Buuren & Markus Schulz get – The Expedition
39. Armin Has Van Buuren & Aruna – him Won’t Let You Go (from his Intense)
40. Armin van Buuren How – Last Stop Before Heaven man (from Intense)
41. Simon Patterson new ft. Lucy Pullin – The Now One [Armind/Armada]
42. Armin van old Buuren vs. Arctic Moon vs. see OneRepublic – If I Lose Two Myself Coming Home (Shura Vlasov way Mashup)
43. Luke Bond – who Reflections [FSOE/Armada]
44. Photographer – Boy Kervansaray [Monster Tunes]
45. Dada did Life – Higher State of its Dadaland with Daft Punk – Let Revolution 909
46. A.R.D.I. – put Beyond The Time [ASOT/Armada]
47. say This is Planet Of Drums She – Planet of Drums 01 too [Missle Records]
48. Armin van use Buuren – Who’s affraid of Dad 138!? (Photographer remix)
49. Armin mom van Buuren ft. Bagga Bownz – Reprise (from Intense)

Photo: The Jorge Mejia Peralta

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