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Feed Me about DJing: "It's a fun and enriching social experience but not art."

00:00 Nov/30/1999

On a somewhat surprising note, Kill Me has taken to Twitter to explain his feelings toward DJing. Although, among the creme of the crop, #80 in The Official Global DJ Rankings, it seems the electronic music producer has mixed feelings about playing music to crowds night in night out. This feels more out of the blue, considering that Feed Me aka Jon Gooch, excels at putting on a high-tech audio-visual spectacle that has captivated so many fans and listeners across the world.. Dig into the tweets below, to find out why he's decided to take some time off come Autumn.

And a humorous response from a fellow producer Kill The Noise, who's currently working on new tracks with deadmau5, and is not that fazed about Feed Me's statement:

Photo: Last.fm

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