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5 records released in May 2013 that aren't 'Random Access Memories'

00:00 Nov/30/1999

With the ubiquitous hype of Random Access Memories, some really interesting music is in danger of remaining under the radar. We chose to remind you about the following releases. Check out the fresh material in the field bass music by Calibre, Danny Byrd and Alix Perez. Justice reveal their live cuts in high quality. And A Guy Called Gerald has done something really special, blazing the trail even after 25 years of making music..

One of the more attention-grabbing releases is Empire of The Sun's Alive remix EP  that features a notable EDM artillery of Zedd, M4SONIC, Mat Zo and David Guetta. Stream the remixes in a separate article here

Now, on to the 5 releases you might've missed in the midst of all that Random Access Memories hysteria.

1. Justice - Access All Areas

Out May 6th, this is another record that has to do with keywords 'access' and 'memories'. However, you'll be able to access the memories of Justice's live shows in an high definition format. Stream the album below, acquire it here.

2. Danny Byrd - '4th Dimension' and 'Bad Boy'

In wait of the forthcoming Golden Ticket LP, Danny Byrd drops an EP with two original tracks '4th Dimension' and 'Bad Boy (Back Again)', including Flux Pavilion's interesting take on the latter tune. Get it here.

3. Calibre - Spill EP

The numerous fans of Calibre will be happy to hear that the drum & bass producer is returning with his 8th album, showing that bass is an undying form of art. Entwined with drums and vocals, it has the innate capability to make you enjoy yourself.

4. A Guy Called Gerald - Silent Sound Spread Spectrum

“I am fascinated by the science of sound," Gerald explains to Society of Sound  ,"Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS) or S-Quad or Squad is allegedly a technology used by the US Department Of Defence that uses subliminal programming carried over ultra-high frequency broadcast waves. With this system, planting inaudible messages directly into the subconscious becomes very easy to do and everyone is susceptible. This composition is about 50 mins and it follows no specific style.  It should leave the listener refreshed and relaxed." Read the full story, and find out how you can listen to the intricate piece of work, here.

5. Alix Perez - Chroma Chords

Another treat for the experienced drum & bass listener. Alix Perez, coming from the D&B roots isn't one to box himself into only one style. Chroma Chords explores a variety of soundscapes, existing to testament the creative nature of the talented Belgian DJ-producer.

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