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DJ-Follower's Daily Dose of Free Tunes: Ejeca, Moon Boots and Skream

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Well, Random Access Memories reception wasn't the warmest you could imagine. A lot of comments turn attention to the fact that, while it was teased that the album is going full disco, it was more of a progressive rock record. Nevertheless, there are enthusiasts like Skream and Moon Boots, who are showing off their disco-ball moments. To those of you with a urge for something a little more jacking, take a trip forward to the post disco age, and listen to Ejeca's '90s-reminiscent remix of the immensely successful Malinchek track 'So Good To Me'.

Part of the talented French Express acts, Moon Boots never seems to disappoint. As evident when listening to the funky disko tune 'Love Strong', this isn't something that's about to change. Who do you love? French Express! Big up Moon Boots, like on Facebook!

So let's move on to this house affair from an act that's inspired by the movement which was inspired by disco. House and techno are rooted in the disco and electro disco that followed. UK's young gun Ejeca has taken it on himself to put the late '80s, early '90s sound back into circulation. One must admit, he's been successful this far. By remixing one of the best songs from 2012, he's following the path in a particularly jacking fashion. Find Ejeca on Soundcloud and Facebook!

Favoring the robots efforts in an otherwise disappointed crowd of producers and DJs, Skream has put out a mixtape with his flavor of disco on display. The 70-plus minute mix comes before his upcoming Asia tour. It's not a preview of what to expect on the tour. But it does seem to present tracks the likes of which people might've hoped to hear on Random Access Memories.

Via @skreamizm: "Here's a new disco mix I did before I left for Asia....It's a WeTransfer link because I havent had time to upload...Share,Upload do what ya want with it.." Download here

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