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Funny, respectful, disappointed: DJ's react to 'Random Access Memories'

00:00 Nov/30/1999

When we wrote that this is the most important moment in the career of Daft Punk, we raised the question if the robots can live up to the expectation built up to ridiculous proportions. After the album leaked and went up for streaming in iTunes, we've got some mixed feelings and a bunch of reactions from fellow producers, DJs and fans. Those people buying $700 tickets, expecting to be the first one's to get to listen the record in Wee Waa must be disappointed, though. Scroll down for the Twittersphere reaction, and Guy Woodwards's live review of Random Access Memories!

...as for my own thoughts. I agree with the notion brought out by Tiga (see tweet below) is right in saying that after such a huge build-up, listening to the track in 128kbs, just doesn't cut it. Orjen Nilssen is also bringing out a good point about the hype being just so incredible, that it wasn't basically possible to satisfy.

Diplo's outspoken as usual, asking what is he missing. Well, I think what everybody seems to be missing are the possibilities this opens up. The majority of DJs, Daft Punk fans and growing number of haters are disappointed. But, as reported, Daft Punk will be releasing their own remixes of the tunes. So the album, and the reception they must've expected may just beanother turn in the plot for this grand marketing scheme. This might be what Diplo is missing in his Twitter rants..

Read some of the Twitter responses that have been rolling in nonstop since the album went  up for streaming on iTunes:

Zombie: This daft punk thing needs more gunshots and airhorns

Jackmaster: Listening to RAM obv. The first track is pish. Four Tet: it’s better than the second.

DaftLimmy: Daft Punk’s new album is an experiment in banality, marketing and reputation. They have officially GERVAISED.

The Quietus: What the hell kind of robot made this? A flat battery Fisher Price one after its robot balls had been done by a soldering iron?

Dillon Francis: Can you un-pre order the Daft Punk album?

Orjan Nilsen: Not that impressed, but then again how can one match that hype?RT @firebeatz: Checking out the daft punk album on itunes!! What do you think?

Tiga: Bengalter spends 6 months recording a bass note thru 6 mics and the world hears it as an itunes 128 stream. #2013. this whole Daft album thing is becoming a global "hater" barometer. everyone just relax

Diplo: This is what daft punk album sound like m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=0dTF…. This daft punk album would probably be really good to take drugs and listen to on a rainy bridge across the gulf of mexico but I dnt know. This album makes me not like LA now I jus wanna hang out with mexican kids and tag ur car. These guys are way smarter then me.I'm definitely missing something.

Rukes: Daft Punk Is Playing At My House so they can sing me to sleep with their new album.

Skream: Obviously pretty late on commenting but the new Daft Punk record is absolutely stunning… Looking forward to hearing it in its full quality next week

Jesse Taub: Random Access Memories will easily be the best album of 1974.#RAM

REVOLVR: Dear Daft Punk haters. This album is meant to be 'Grounding' NOT 'Groundbreaking'. Hence Random Access MEMORIES. Enjoy true music. #RAM

Madeon: I feel so full and empty. This album is everything i wanted to hear. It's also so much of what i wanted to make.

Porter Robinson: random access memories is exceeding my expectations. full body chills everywhere. the intro to "beyond" (the 9th song on RAM) reminds me so much of super smash brothers soundtrack. ahaha. GIORGIO BY MORODER

12th Planet: The new Daft Punk album is so grown folks music.

Alex Metric: Daft Punk album playback was awesome. 4/5 tracks that are fighting for best on the record. Can't wait to delve in properly!

A-Trak: The Daft album is essentially a cross-section of a crate-digger's collection. Which is a great thing.

Zane Lowe: 'Doin It Right' is the jam

Dada Life: DP-album...you could love it or hate it, but let's at least all agree on that they should drop PUNK and change their name to DAFT FUNK. One more Daft Punk-thought. Most people thought (and was hoping) for them to come back and breathe new life into dance music. Instead they did something else - which is fine - but their new music just won't be relevant for most dance floors today. And to be honest "going back to the roots" will never be as innovative as a actually inventing new sounds. Maybe just electronic music has come to a dead end?!!!

Limmy 188 - " RAM Live Review. " 13/05/13 from Guy Woodward on Vimeo.

And some fan reactions to finish off:

"It's #amazing your life will change after you hear it," one fan tweeted.

Another one agreed, "Whether unplanned leak of genius marketing plan, it looks/sounds like another incredible album from the robots! #daftpunk #ram."

But then wrote: "After giving it a third listen I've just got my fingers crossed that the Daft Punk leak is a fake and the real album will be out next week."

Another clearly disappointed fan wrote: "Crap. Got a virus downloading an illegal leak of the Daft Punk CD. Now my computer is playing nothing but crappy half-hearted french disco."

A listener who trusts his personal judgement said: "The finest and most exciting album I've heard in over 10 years. The attention to detail is on a level that makes my brain hurt. Those who don't like this or understand it, then simply put you don't deserve ears."

To which he got a reply: "This album is bland cheesy kitsch. I "understand" it perfectly, it is a terrible album."

So, there are a lot of mixed feelings bout it.. How does the album work on you?


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