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DJ Bl3nd giving you chills down your spine on Halloween(Updated)

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Halloween is a busy season for the masked electro house and dubstep DJ Bl3nd. There isn't much information about the person of this DJ, although there is a lot of talk about his do-it-yourself success over the recent years. Bl3nd is currently 23rd on The Official DJ Rankings and this indicates that he means business. That's really impressive, considering that the artist started out by creating live videos of himself dancing and spinning high energy, hard beats in his now signature mask.

He's got 2 million likes on Facebook and over 87,000 Twitter followers and the fanbase is steadily growing without him even leaving the United States for a show. That's right, he's only performed in North-America, but he has fans all over the world from Germany to Peru.  For the pleasure of those fans he's planning to get on those stages in the first half of 2013. That's just what DJ Bl3nd is all about as he said in an interview:"I Love Music, I Love Dancing, and I Love to DJ. The feeling is indescribable when I see the crowd raising their hands and dancing to the music knowing that it’s you that’s making them happy." There's a downside to the success story as well, a lot of people have accused him for being a fake and releasing other artist's works under his own name. But he's a newcomer to the scene and we'll have to see how he handles his business in the coming times.

There certainly is a Halloweeny feeling to Bl3nd's new music video for the song 'Berserk', then again, it's Halloween 24/7 for the masked DJ. Look at the fresh video below!

DJ Bl3nd is going to be performing for your enjoyment in NY on the Eve of Halloween, but has shows booked until the end of the year. Check out the flyer!

Recently DJ Bl3nd released a collaboration mix with DJ 4lLY, DEORRO, KASKADE vs. HARD ROCK SOFA, TREYY G. Give us your thoughts on the mix!

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