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Maya Jane Coles: BBC 1 Essential Mix 04.05.2013

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Included among the '25 DJs That Rule The World' by Rolling Stone, Maya Jane Coles is one of those do-it-yourself bad bass ladies who's breaking played out stereotypes on a day to day basis. Without even having a debut LP out, this is already the second time she's visiting Pete Tong at the BBC Radio 1 for an Essential Mix. This speaks great volumes that she's one of the top-caliber players when it comes to mixing house and techno into her peculiar blend of tech house.

As for the LP, fans won't be waiting for the debut LP for much longer. Titled 'Comfort', it is projected to release in July, under her own imprint I/AM/ME. The newly conceived record label saw its first release in December 2012, when Coles put out her 'Easier To Hide' EP.  The 4-track record was written, produced and mixed by herself. As that wasn't enough, You can listen to the EP, as well as get an overview of the amazing Japanese-Londoner in a feature article.

Maya Jane is in the middle of the busiest time of her life. The upcoming album efforts are constantly interrupted by upcoming gigs in the most preeminent places. The packed schedule takes her to Ushuaia's opening party in Ibiza, Verboten Stageone in New York alongside Sasha, Chicago’s Wavefront Music Festival and the Eastern Electrics festival outside London, playing with top notch house and techno DJs in the countryside.

Hinting on her album, she's told to Mixmag: “I’ve always looped bits of my own vocals to add texture to my tracks,” Coles told Mixmag. “It’s only recently though that I’ve started writing full vocal tracks. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing but didn’t really include on my early EPs. There’s also a lot of guests on the album. It’s half guests and half my vocals and more fully-formed songs than club tracks.” The guest list is nothing short of amazing as well, boasting trip-hop legend Tricky, Kim Ann Foxman of Hercules & Love Affair and fellow techno enthusiast Miss Kittin.

Some sneak previews in the midst of unreleased remixes edits and whatnot. A truely great all around effort. Don't miss 'Everything' in the middle with Karin Park!


01. The Poet - Rain On April (Yves Le Groove Mix) [OT RECORDS]

02. Joe Stawarz - Suite B [SOMA QUALITY RECORDINGS]

03. [a]pendics.shuffle - Heavy Burdens High feat. Blakkat (Safeword Remix) [ADJUNCT AUDIO]

04. Deep Guys - Roomba (Oceanic Mix) [OT RECORDS]

05. Francesco Rossi - Paper Aeroplane feat. JS & A [D:VISION]

06. Linus Quick - There Shall Be Light (Mike Maass Remix) [WAYWARD MUSIC]

07. [unknown] - Unknown

08. Anonym - I Can't [VAKANT]

09. Jordan Lieb - Dreams From The Ghetto [SUPERFREQ]

10. P. Wiltshire - Closer [HYPERCOLOUR]

11. Nick Galemore - Pt. 1 [KINDISCH]

12. Maya Jane Coles - Everything feat. Karin Park [I/AM/ME]

13. Rodriguez Jr. - Satellite [MOBILEE]

14. Nana K. - Old's Cool [RECOVERY TECH]

15. Weltenwandler - Departure [ELECTROPHIL RECORDS]

16. Mad_Us - Hypnoze (Luca Bear Remix) [ARMONIA]

17. Riva Starr & Rssll - Absence (Adam Port Remix) [SNATCH! RECORDS]

18. Marbert Rocel - Small Hours (Daniel Stefanik Remix) [COMPOST]

19. Juliano Silva - 1000 Miles [EON5]

20. LPZ - Council Fonk

21. Deetron - Out Of My Head feat. Ovasoul7 (KiNK Vocal Mix) [MUSIC MAN RECORDS]

22. Alex Piccini & Marka T - Suite Yourself [AMAZING RECORDS]

23. Gianni Amoroso - No Matter How Far [MORNING MOOD RECORDS]

24. Sivesgaard - In The Night (Blond:ish Remix) [EKLEKTISCH]

25. Frederick Alonso - 96 (Tech Mix) [STAB RECORDINGS]

26. Paul Mad - Undes (Alex Piccini remix) [DEEP BEEP RECORDS]

27. Ella Fitzgerald - Blue Skies (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

28. Knox - Fault [LAST NIGHT ON EARTH]

Photo: Maya Jane Coles, by Jennifer Iliffe

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