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Paul van Dyk played house before it was cool

00:00 Nov/30/1999

For the Forbes Magazine gave a short interview Matthias Paul, better known as DJ Paul van Dyk. He is a German Grammy Award-winning DJ, musician and record producer. He was one of the first artists to receive a Grammy nomination in the newly added category of Best Dance/Electronic album for his 2004 release Reflections. He reached no.11 in the ‘DJ Magazines Top 100’ 2011 and is also the first DJ to be named No. 1 by Mixmag in 2005. In 2009, he won “Best Trace DJ” and “Best Producer” by the Trance Awards. Paul has also remixed Batman’s “Dark Knight Theme” written by Hanz Zimmer.

As growing up in East Berlin he wasn’t able to go any clubs or record stores, so all his musical education came through the radio. But of course when the Berlin wall went down he went to all the clubs and became the biggest fan of electronic music.  And so it went.  Now he is spending his days typically for DJ-s – touring, in studio working with music or in the office making sure that everything is running smoothly. 

Differently from  other DJ-s Paul van Dyk sees the house music overtaking America  not as a recent phenomenon, he remembers himself playing at big festivals all over America since the mid 90´s, so it has always strong and it’s part of the global community that electronic music is and has just developed from a small subculture into the biggest music culture today.

As the other DJ-s Paul van Dyk also appreciates the possibilities of social media as a great chance to interact with his fans. And let him know about what is going on in his life and his music – like about his recent album EVOLUTION.

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