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Diplo and DJ Bl3nd managers manage to get in a fight

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Fights don't get started only in rings, bars and parliaments. A conference about Social Media tactics turns out to be the perfect place to stir up some controversy. In a weird twist of events, Diplo's manager Kevin Kusatsu and DJ BL3ND's Steven Haddad threw blows at this years IMS Conference. IMS aka Ibiza International Music Conference is led by Pete Tong and is held as the worlds most revered global music industry event.

The trouble began after Diplo hinted that DJ BL3ND may have purchases a large part of his 133K Twitter followers and over 3 million Facebook likes. He pointed out that it was a strange occurance taking into account that BL3ND had “only played a string of shows in the OC”.

Steven, BL3NDs manager sitting in the audience objected, saying that his client had played sold out shows in more than just 1 state. Diplo's manager cut him off, ordering him to 'shut up'. Diplo himself tactfully led the panel until the end, saying also that he really enjoyed BL3ND's earlier videos.

However, the managers felt they had some unfinished business and proceeded to fight their way out of a heated discussion

While Diplo's been in the game for a long time, touring the world, getting nominated to various awards and producing the biggest popstars in the world, he's got a respectable 400,000 'likes'. At the same time, DJ BL3ND's page shows numbers above 3,000,000 - although the masked dubstep maniac hasn't performed out side of the States.

In an industry where a lot is determined by the number of 'likes' and 'followers', the social media tactics have become one of the most important marketing areas.

While the truth behind the fake Youtube views might have not involved this much shady business after all, there may be something off about BL3ND. What do you think?


Source: Billboard

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