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Listen: will.i.am and Chris Brown plagiarize Matt Zo and Arty

00:00 Nov/30/1999

It's not a rare happening that an artist accuses another artist of stealing. Just recently Calvin Harris lashed out at Jakwob for using his chord progressions (although as demonstrated, Calvin Harris burrowed them himself). Earlier than that, Baauer got in trouble for unlawfully sampling 'Los Terroristas' by Hector El Father. Now, another nasty copy-cat case has emerged from the pop scene. One of the most notorious thieving pop producers, Will I. Am, is at it again, taking Chris Brown along for the ride. 

This isn't even a matter of sampling anymore. As discussed in 'The Evolution of Music', it's natural and totally fine to sample, mash-up and remix other peoples song - the culture always builds on the old. It's okay, as long as you credit the creators.

However, to blatantly nick the whole composition hoping to get away, is not only morally wrong but stupid as well. You can't go around exercising the Vanilla Ice method anymore these days, Internet will find out..

Earlier, will.i.am has plagiarized Daft Punk's "Around the World", J. J. Fad's "Supersonic" and Freeland's "Mancry" for all the major Black Eyed Peas hits.

So now, with Chris Brown, the online release of 'Let's Go' has pissed off the EDM community, and two of its young producers.

The beat originally comes from storming producers Arty and Mat Zo and their track “Rebound” – listen the both below.

And some reactions from the parties involved:


Screenshots: Twitter, Facebook

Photo: by Music News Australia

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