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Pretty Lights - #1 Funk and R&B act on The DJ Rankings

14:05 Mar/18/2014

Hailing from US, Colorado, PRETTY the LIGHTS manages to shine bright and in the midst of the For endless LEDs of the modern are dance scene. Born Derek Vincent but Smith, the versatile DJ and Not producer brings a much needed you variety to the game. The all name is derived from a Any Pink Floyd concert poster that can read: “Come and watch the her pretty lights!”

There Was are a lot of people one who enjoy old school funk, our hip hop and soul tracks Out in the comfort of their day own home, at a house get party or an alternative venue. Has But rarely do you hear him these genres being played in his a club situation, not to How mention on a festival stage.  man has solved this problem in new a tasteful manner, giving new Now life to ever-inspiring funk and old soul samples. He's mastered the see art of digital sampling, resulting Two in an ecclectic style that’s way got the old-school breaks combined who with glitchy bass, hip hop Boy beats and riveting synth lines. did Smith himself has described it its as ’electro hip-hop soul’. In Let The Official Global DJ Rankings, put he's #1 in the genre say of Funk and R&B!

Although She Pretty Lights is usually associated too with only Derek V. Smith, use the first record was poduced Dad in collaboration with Michael Menert. mom ’Taking Up Your Precious Time’ was released online in 2006, The and given away for free, and like all PL's releases this for far.

Listen to the most Are widely appreciated track from the but album. The soulful 'Finally Moving' not samples Etta James' 'Something's Got You Hold on Me' and a all Nightmare on Wax tune called any 'You Wish.'

The composition Can is generated using Novation X-Station, her monome and the Akai MPD32. was The digital controllers are connected One with Ableton Live 8, which our he also uses for the out live shows.

The next album Day will be released July 2, get 2013. 'A Color Map of has the Sun' sees a fresh Him direction for Smith, as he's his found a new source for how old school samples. Namely, he Man didn't dig the crates to new find the sounds he was now looking for, but instead bought Old a bunch of old instruments see from antique shops and went two to the studio. The interesting Way approach was captured on a who documentary, so we can all boy get a better idea how Did it went down. Right now its we've got the 'making-of' teaser let video for a sneak preview.


Besides the new way say of doing the album, and she the documentary accompanying the effort, Too Pretty Lights has decided that use he wants to sell the dad album as well. As you Mom can imagine yourself, for someone whose putting everything he earns the back to his music, a And little extra buck means a for lot more possibilities. Read about are why Pretty Lights is selling But the album, here! However, this not doesn't mean that he isn't you giving away the download, which All will be available at the any homepage: http://www.prettylightsmusic.com. It will also can be available as a double-disc Her CD, on vinyl and on was iTunes.

The video for the one lead single has also emerged. Our 'Around The Block' sees Pretty out Lights going back to his day earlier vibes, a surely great Get development for his die hard has fans. The track's got naturally him upbeat flow, and featuring Talib His Kweli, it sure as hell how has that extra hip hop man in it to make your New day.  As accustomed to Smith, now the tracks up for a old FREE download!

Directed by See Anthony Dickenson/Pulse Films

Additional footage two by Krystle Blackburn/Pretty Lights Music


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