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Kaskade - Unleashed freak of house

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Kaskade aka Ryan Raddon is as big as they come. He’s released 7 studio albums, with the latest ‘Fire &Ice’ scoring 9 top 10 hits on the Billboard’s Hot Dance Airplay chart. He had a record-breaking tour called Freaks Of Nature with 70+ North-American shows in just over 3 months. This isn’t that unusual for him, as he’s been headlining 150 to 200 shows a year for the last decade. Despite his busy schedule Kaskade found a couple of minutes to give a short interview to Dan Schawbel for the Forbes Magazine.

Ryan’s originally from the Chicago suburbs, where house was really popular in his childhood. He came up with the name Kaskade which sounded cool and felt somehow organic to him. For many superstar DJ’s travelling is a natural part of life, Ryan is no different. He praises the people around him for the help managing the tours and shows. Only thing the DJ would like is more quiet moments to be able to produce and get some studio time.

House music and electronic dance music in general have taken over America and the world in general. In the beginning of the year Kaskade told that the music had incubated long enough, the people are ready for something new and the timing is great. With the EDM year coming to an end we can say that he was right. America’s taken over by house, electro house – EDM in general has brought together crowds of record-breaking numbers.

Kaskade brings out Morrisey as one of his influences. He has a lot of respect for the songwriter, because he believes Morrisey is honest and shares his life through the music he creates. Right now, Kaskade is doing the year ending shows. He also has a DVD of his massive Freaks Of Nature tour coming out. So Ryan isn’t showing any signs of slowing down in the near future.

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