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Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding fall in love in new video

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Seems one of the most sought-after pop vocalists from UK has befriended the most sought after dance producer. Ellie Goulding and Calvin Harris embrace each other in the video for 'I Need Your Love', messing around in bed, on boats and tattoo parlours. The track comes from the Calvin's latest album '18 Months', which saw many collaborators, among others Florence Welsch and Tinie Tempah. The British dance music prodigy also shared his thoughts on the album and DJing in Studio Q's interview.

Also, scroll down for  Louis La Roche's remix that is funky as hell, and FREE to download!

Louis La Roche isn't one to be seen taking interest in pop music, so you'll be glad that he did decide to take on the remixigin of 'I Need Your Love'. Not much of the original tune is left, but the future funk and 80s synths compliment the beaituful vocals of Ellie just perfectly!

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