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Daft Punk album premier in Wee Waa sold out!

00:00 Nov/30/1999

We didn’t want to buzz you until all the facts are in, but now it’s time. 2,000 lucky fans in Australia, will get to hear ‘Random Access Memories’ first hand, on May 17. Wee Waa is going to get quite a disturbance, with 2,000 ticket holders storming the rural town with the population of the same amount. They won’t be seeing Daft Punk perform though, as this is only the premiering party. Reportedly it will be streamed online fo the listeners all around the world.

The $35 tickets were sold out in 26 minutes, with the Crossing Theatre website struggling to keep up with demand, and bandwidth issues.. The 2000-odd visitors will get to listen to the album a few hours ahead of everybody else, who’ll be able to buy the record from 12.01am.

As the French duo won’t be attending the party themselves, this seems like an over hyped affair. By now, there are people selling tickets on eBay for prices ranging from $250 to $7,499 for a lot of 10 ($749 a piece). The rumor mill is saying that the duo is more likely to make an appearance later that week, when the album is premiered in London.

While in constant anticipation of the album, watch the 3rd episode of ’The Collaborators'. The most outspoken collaborator, Nile Rodgers. “Groove is everything,” says disco original Nile Rodgers to introduce this new chapter of ‘The Collaborators’ series. The Chic frontman followed the disco pioneer Giorgio Moroder and chopped-vocals master Todd Edwards  in talking up Random Access Memories.

Don't miss the last minute of the video, as Nile will give you a taste of the guitar riff of probably 'the song of the Summer'!

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