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Benny Benassi planning to become a gardener?

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Dan Schawbel is the managing partner of Millennial Branding, a Gen Y research and management consulting firm. Recently he interviewed 13 famous DJ-s for the Forbes Magazine.  Among them was also Benny Benassi, definitely the on with the most colorful personality of them. No wonder for an italian. For example to the Dan´s question “house music has taken off in America, why has it taken so long?” his reply was very straightforward: “Hey, I’m Italian and live in Italy. You’re asking me?” Also differently from the other DJ-s Benny likes more to explore around in the new cities when on tours, than sleeping.

Born by name of Marco Benassi, but having a nickname Benny at school, it officially stuck with him and became also his stage-name. Having already a childhood dream to become a DJ, Benny was lucky to have a musician-cousin Alle, with whom they started to produce electronic music.

Being now into Twitter and being influenced by “kids” – Skrillex, Afrojack, Congorock – for the early years role-models Benny named the big electronic producers like Giorgio Moroder, Carl Cox and Paul Oakenfold.

And on the last question: “what are your future projects and where do you see yourself in five years?” italian takes over again:hey, I can’t imagine where I’ll be in five months! Maybe in five years I’ll be a gardener or selling bicycles!” Well, that´s just Benny!

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