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Nina Kraviz controversy over 'Between The Beats' bath scene

00:00 Nov/30/1999

The success-story in the field of acid house and techno has been the Siberian DJ/producer Nina Kraviz. Recently, she became the first to appear in Resident Advisors 'Between The Beats' series. It caused quite a ruckus in the DJ circles, mainly because of a certain bath scene, and the inherent feminine undertone the coverage emitted. Scroll down for the short film, and commentary!

The camera follows Nina while she does gigs in Bulgaria, Belgium and Germany. The shots of playing a set are varied by scenes of her life during the traveling and leisure time. Everything about the high-quality video is masterful, from the editing to the angles. Obviously they had a great subject in the person of the stunningly gorgeous Nina Kraviz.

But exactly that has become the sticking point of the controversy. It has spawned numerous outbursts among DJs, stamping her as a female DJ who sells her brand with her beauty. Greg Wilson wrote a thorough piece on the controversy, you can find here. Nina thanks him, but thinks that the issue about woman in music industry is a '10 times dead” topic. She admits the RA video turned out to be “a bit too focused on me as a female”, while she wanted to show her musical side more, and had arguments about the angle they portraid before the video was made public:

“Sexism and all similar bullshit must die. And the first step to it is to let artists be who they are regardless of their gender, skin color, sexual orientation.”

Regarding the bath scene, and being in a bikini on a beach:

“This video is about a dj on the road,” she writes. “And djs take baths sometimes. The party in Bulgaria was on the beach. So you wanted me to be on the beach in winter cloths? Just not to be misunderstood? Since when [is] wearing a swimming suit on the beach too much? Ha?”

One of the most recent commentaries came from her 'colleague and creator of non "sex-sells" songs like "girl, I like your style" and "I want you under my sheets", asexual purists Maceo Plex':

(Maceo Plex has deleted the original post)

"i finally just watched the infamous resident advisor video about that equally infamous female dj all the boys are crazy over. All i gotta say is i'm so happy blatant uses of sexuality and superficiality can take the place of hustling vinyl and spending countless hours in the studio. Wish i had learned this 20 years ago...i would have spent more time in the gym. (sarcasm ofcourse)

shout out to the ladies playing amazing music and pushing the scene forward with nothing else but sick records and studio time. Cassy Britton, Steffi, Maya Jane Coles, Heidi (official page), Magda (official page), Margaret Dygas, Ellen Allien Official Fanpage etc, etc... GO LADIES!"

Nina Kraviz responded:

"Maceo, I don't even wanna comment about music and time in the studio.. I wish you spent more time in the record store, so you wouldn't have missed this lovely cover of one of the first ladies in your list of non-sexual female artists in the business. This is her Berghain / Panorama Bar (OFFICIAL) first Panorama bar 01 mix and actually the first mix Panorama Bar released."

Read her full statement on her Facebook page!

Watch the short film yourself, and share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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