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Skrillex gathers 1 billion Youtube views

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Sonny Moore aka. Skrillex is the catching up 'Gangnam Style' in and the race for the most For viewed Youtube video! ..okay, not are exactly. While PSY's video has but almost 1,5 billion views individually, Not Skrillex has gathered 1 billion you views in general. He's got all over 4.2 million subscribers, so Any this isn't that hard to can conceive. In a way, this her is more impressive, because he's Was got more than 1 video one like the South-Koeran k-pop star our has. Which one's the most Out viewed video for the dubstep day cultivating label boss? Check it get out below.

...disappointed Has much? It's not even a him video!

“Scary Monsters and Nice his Sprites" has gathered over 127 How million views!

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