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DJ-Stalk: Dim Mak boss Steve Aoki is a Jack of All Trades

11:07 Sep/12/2014

Steve Aoki founded Dim Mak Records when he was 19, back in 1996. Right away he started to support an eclectic roster of artists. One of the success-stories is Bloc Party, which was found in 2003. After that they started giving out Bloc Party remixes and hosting Dim Mak label parties in LA. Remixing indie bands as well as i.e. Michael Jackson and eventually working on his own tunes, Steve Aoki has stepped into the limelight as a DJ, artist and a producer.

Steve is constantly busy leading a company with a mere 17 employees in the LA's layer of Dim Mak. The majority of his time is taken up by signing up new artists, working on projects in his studio or on the computer. Steve was interviewed by the Dan Schwabel for the Forbes Magazine.


When asked about house music spreading across America, Steve answers that the game has really changed in terms of finding new music and sharing it with your fans and friends. You don’t rely on MTV or the radio for new music. People rather try their own personal methods to stay in touch with their favorites. Internet’s the access point and everybody knows how to best use it. Artists use it most of all to spread their music and get feedback and book gigs. They don’t have to be signed by major labels to make it in the business. Actually he points out that the social media has changed everything, no more big spending on advertising or paperback magazines. Steve emphesizes that it’s a great time for music, because artists compete in the space of music. Aoki, like any other superstar, is constantly using Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to interact with his fanbase.

"Producing music is a constant learning and unlearning process." - Steve Aoki

This year, Aoki has collaborated with Laidback Luke on Turbulence, Afrojack on No Beef, Knife Party on Piledriver and Tiesto on Tornado. He says, that producing music is a constant learning and unlearning process. Working on his latest release ’Wonderland’, he got to work with different singers, vocalists and producers and that was something he charised and loved. And the people he works with are his biggest influences and inspiration.

Time's have been for Steve Aoki. He’s put out a album and got to be a part of major collaborations with many artists. Every song for the album is getting a video, if it hasn’t got it already. Steve just released a remix EP for Emergency ft. Lil Jon & Chiddy Bang featuring remixes by Laidback Luke, Clockwork, Villains, Terravita, & DJ Green Lantern. And he’ll be looking to launch Steve Aoki’s Charitable Fund on his forthcoming birthday bash. Exciting stuff going on around Steve, as it’s become tradition.

Photo: Najarich

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