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DJ-Follower's April Fool's Day Tunes: Wolf Club, Abakus, Karetus and Schoolboy

00:00 Nov/30/1999

With the interweb full of shenanigans, your friends and family up to no good, we thought we'd be the ones to provide you relief with a proper edition of DJ-Follower's Free Tunes on this April Fool's Day. If someone's been mean to you today, take a listen to Wolf Club's blissful remix. Then turn to the bassful original by Abakus, before taking a trip to Portugal native Karetus' world of sounds!

Leeds isn't lacking of talented producers, as recently made evident by Wolf Club, who put his spin on 'Gold' from bursting Lancaster duo, Bondax. Head over to XLR8R to grab the good vibe remix!

'Sudden Rush' suits well with the aboveheard Wolf Club remix. The original tune by Abakus was just recently premiered to provide a glimpse of what to expect of the upcoming album on April 4th. I'd say this is beyond blissful, moving in to the territory of bassful, with a dreamy yet clear feel to it. Enjoy!

To finish off the soothing edition of free tunes, we provide you with another original and a remix. These come from the Portugal native Karetus, and Schoolboy. To complete the efforts, Ricco Vitali has filled the vocal duties.'Futue Is Now!'

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