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Dropometer debuted - finally, Soundcloud will find The Drop

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Have you ever thought to yourself: 'Damn, where could this drop be?' or 'This stupid intro is so long, my time isn't made out of rubber!' If you'd like to skip all the pansy-ass builds, intros and bridges to the biggest and most filthy drops, you are in luck! Finally, Soundcloud has come up with a trademark solution, providing you with a new, and totally working feature called Here’s The Drop™.

With the start of the April, the developers of Soundcloud have finally begun to finding their direction. Listeners don't have to waste the bandwidth and time of everybody to get a legitimate overview of the tune, by skipping to the party-starting drops. Check out the highly advanced innovation of Soundcloud, pointing out the Drops with unforeseen accuracy!

Just check out our Soundcloud stream, to experience Here’s The Drop™ first hand! And learn more about the Dropometer here!

There might some doubting this utterly useful and super feature.. These naysayers might be telling you that 'people won't listen to the whole composition', 'their already non-existent attention spans will further degenerate' or 'this is just plain stupid'. Obviously, all these people don't have a clue what their talking about. They've spent too much of their lives listening to everything besides the DROP, and missing out on all the instant fun everybody else is going to have!

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