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DJ-Follower's Daily Dose of Free Tunes: Cassian, Vaski and Kindergarten

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Everybody knows that Mondays need a more special nurturing. So, we have found not 1, not 2, but a 6 tracks for a FREE Monday dose of banging tunes.

Reminder: these tracks are the courtesy of the artist. Sort of creative commons that you are supposed to share, mix and remix as you please. Nevertheless, we urge you to support the artists by acquiring their other releases and going to the shows! Enjoy, and grab them while you can!

Also: Don't miss out on the last weekend's edition of DJ-Follower's Daily Dose of Free Tunes by Overwerk, Space Jesus, Viceroy and Matpat!

The Australian production machine they call Cassian has a treat for you. Released through Future Classic Records on March 18th, Anna Lunoe & Touch Sensitive did a wonderful job. But Cassian really gave it a deep house touch so many yearn on this day and age. Enjoy!

Download for FREE here: bit.ly/Wxtm81

While touring along Excision on the Executioner tour, the rapidly upcoming bass music producer Vaski has found time and energy to remix The Neighbourhood's 'Sweater Weather'. Continuing to push the limits, he's shown off his multi-faceted identity to come up with an authentic remix.

Enjoy the following dubstep-influenced house edit and read a few words from Vaski himself. “I found the original through related artists and was instantly hooked. It was one of those songs that I liked but I kept hearing things I thought they should do differently, so I started making an edit for fun, and it turned into a full remix. I haven’t done much at 128 but I’m really happy with how this turned out. Lately I’ve been chasing a certain sound with my production, and this remix is a sneak peak at what’s to come in the coming months.”

One of the leading electro house DJs in the world, Wolfgang Gartner, started a record label not so long ago. Appropriately called the Kindergarten Recordings, it has gathered young blood with a similar sounding electro power under its wing. To boost their efforts and the common cause of the imprint, the 'Freshman Class' has done their initiation ritual in a form of 4-track Yearbook Compilation. The Freshmen are Popeska, DallasK, Charlie Darker and Chrono. Grab the electrifying tracks for just that little effort to like them at Facebook! Enjoy!

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