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Daft Punk - Definitive news on the most anticipated album in 5 years

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Yes, after reading this, you can rest from the Daft Punk buzz-machine for a while. Not for very long though, the album will be out pretty soon, and plenty of tabloids are looking to make a fuss out of every rumor that's out there. After the tracks were registered last week, the album has been made available for pre-ordering in Itunes. The 75-minute record is called 'Random Access Memories', and will cause pandemonium on May 21th!

The Australian mag Inthemix got a chance to talk to Nile Rodgers, one of the collaborators of the upcoming album, asking if it’s his guitar work on the 15-second teaser (below) that aired during Saturday Night Live: “It’s pretty obvious, man – there, I said it.”

The conversation took place while Chic’s protégé Avicii was playing the Main Stage, Rodgers elaborated further:“I’ve heard so many different versions people have made from those 15 seconds. There’s one I’ve seen called ‘Infinite Daft Punk’, and when you click the robots it flips around and goes backwards.”

There weren’t any spoilers by the Chic frontman (and producer for the likes of Sister Sledge, Diana Ross and David Bowie), but he gladly shed light on the end product, saying: “It’s smoking.” And, the collab in general:

„The best words for the process: 100-percent organic. It was from the heart, it was like it was meant to be. It was a perfect collaboration, and I bet that’s what they are going to say. It was like we belonged together. We met in the middle; ‘collaboration’ is the perfect word. We’d met years ago when they had a listening party in New York for their second album, and we got together for a chat. It’s something we’ve talked about for a long time. We’ve respected each other endlessly. It’s a close relationship that’s a lot deeper than just music: respect, admiration, friendships just separated by one degree.”

We're in the midst of an epic year for electronic music. Disco funk is making its return since the 1980's in a big way. Niles Rodgers and Giorgio Moroder have put their efforts in, I'm more than certain Daft Punk won't be disappointing on their part! The 75-minute 'Random Access Memories', is on its way! The official album page can be found here!

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