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Boys Noize Records celebrates 100th release: Double a-side single featuring The Chemical Brothers and Justice

00:00 Nov/30/1999

The land of precision, quality - and yes - superb electronic music. Germany may be credited with originating trance music in the early '80s, but it is also the place where techno had established itself  on the party scene by 1987. Around then, Sven Väth became a god-like DJ, and the first of many to run his own techno club. Building on that legacy, Alex Ridha aka Boys Noize, established his label  in 2005. Now, after 8 successful years of operating, Boys Noize Records celebrates its 100th release with a big one!

Bringing us banging tunes from the likes of Strip Steve, D.I.M., Erol Alkan, SCNTST and Ridha himself to name a few; Boys Noize Records has left a huge imprint on electronic music.

The critically acclaimed 'Out of the Black' has already been remixed by Chromeo, Jacques Lu Cont, Jimmy Edgar, Van She and D.I.M.  'What You Want', the D-Train sampling single was accompanied by a surreal video of a uni-browed superhero society. Now, to commemorate its 100th release, BNR has published a single with remixes by two worthy duos: The Chemical Brothers and Justice.

The Chemical Brothers turned the electro hit “XTC” to a seven-minute techno track, and a must-have warehouse rave banger! An intense ride, no doubt!

Justice did not disappoint with their spin on 'Ich R U' either. Somewhat sinister in their approach, the French duo pay no respect to the fact, that Ridha himself described 'Ich R U', as 'one of the more melodic and uplifting tracks of 'Out of the Black''. Then again, they had every right to do so, because the result is every bit as epic as it needed to be for the 100th release!

The split single is available to purchase via download or 12” vinyl here . Listen to the tracks below! May BNR have another successful 100 releases in times to come!

Also: Check out Boys Noize's latest project with Skrillex: Dog Blood's more than impressive set at UMF 2013, showing off new, original material

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