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DJ-Follower's Daily Dose of Free Tunes: Diplo & GTA, Blare and Robotic Pirate Monkey

00:00 Nov/30/1999

As expected, we bring you great energy to start off the busy week! Diplo and GTA did an impressive moombahton bootleg of Missy Elliot's track. Blare brings you a grimey remix of 'Gritz' by Devil Boy and a whole 5-track EP from the production trio Robotic Pirate Monkey!

Reminder: these tracks are the courtesy of the artist. Sort of creative commons that you are supposed to share, mix and remix as you please. Nevertheless, we urge you to support the artists by acquiring their other releases and going to the shows! Enjoy, and grab them while you can!

Also: Don't miss out on the last choice of free tunes by DJ Day, The Reflex and Funkanomics!

Missy Elliot's 'Work It' gets bootlegged by Diplo and GTA. What happened? Push play on the moombahton banger they played during the weekend at Ultra!

Devil Disco gave their track 'Gritz' to Blare for a remix. Safe to say they delivered big - this slightly grimier electro house tune is for the clubs with more underground vibe! Enjoy!

Robotic Pirate Monkey is a group that fuses samples from all sorts of old school tracks to make something fresh for the disco. The American group consists of Andrew Hathaway, Matt Berryhill and Matt Flesher. Ahead of their ongoing North-American tour they've decided to hand out copies of their 'Booty Snatch' EP. The 5 track EP features collaborations with Late Night Radio and Digital Connection. Start pillaging, this glitchy dubstep production isn't going to download itself for free!

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