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Richie Hawtin and deadmau5 chat before going back2back

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Opposites attract. Richie Hawtin, the veteran of the scene who put his first track out in the beginning of the '90s, meets deadmau5, the laptop producer who broke through in relatively recent times. They do have some profound similarities as well though. Besides the undying love for electronic music, they both share the love of technology. So, the seminar 'Talk. Techno. Technology' revolved mainly around the production tools and gadgets. While Billboard called it as an 'exercise in banality', we would still like to bring out the best parts of the discussion.

It is true that a large part of the talk was interesting mostly to fellow producers and gadget lovers. But there were also some insightful comments in addition to the typically outspoken deadmau5 phrases.

Just when Louis Puig writes his yearly EDM manifesto, deadmau5 criticizes the scene for producing boring and similar sounds again and again. “There is a lot of cookie-cutter stuff,” Zimmerman said. “I’m actually shocked that guys who sign these [electronic artists] aren’t just going home and making this music themselves, just cut out the middle man.” Hawtin agreed, adding: “Electronic music has a manual now. I never actually ‘learned’ how to work a 303, I just made stuff up…everything now is accessible, instantaneous, and it’s a double-edge sword. It’s taking the life out of it. Maybe the reason EDM is so big is because it’s homogenized.”

There’s a deeper point to what Hawtin is saying. Does the majority want a unified culture that strives thoward homogenous existence? I think Louis Puig rightly criticized Sillerman’s EDM world domination plans, saying that majority won’t accept this, and turn their back to the establishment as soon as they realize it is trying to take over control. What does that say about the future undertakings of the Association for Electronic Music?

If you don't mind the lo-definition audio, listen to the back2back set after the panel at SXSW 2013!

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