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Twitter bought out We Are Hunted, about to launch Twitter Music app

00:00 Nov/30/1999

People who have been using the music discovery service at We Are Hunted might be wondering how come it’s gone quiet in recent times. Well, according to CNET, Hunted has been bought out by Twitter. The plan? Reportedly, to launch an artist discovery app called Twitter Music.

The new app would not only make music suggestions under the ’Suggested’ tab but also by integrating 2 new tabs – ’Popular’ for trending and ’Emerging’ for fast early growth. Although rumours are floating about Twitter’s music streaming business, the app would actually rely on SoundCloud for the heavy-lifting.

Proof comes in form of We Are Hunted employee’s Twitter accounts. Namely, they are showing a remarkable number of #nowplaying tags with links to SoundCloud tracks. A part of the concept is to use the always trending hashtag #nowplaying so people can see what tracks other users are listening to. So this could mean they are testing the new app, rumored to be launched some time in the end of March.

Source: CNET

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