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Blow Your Head #3: Rusty Lazer talks Bounce

00:00 Nov/30/1999

We've been all over the new media channel Skrillex, Diplo and A-Trak launched a little while ago. Potato  has instantly become a great source for insightful mini-documentaries and quirky music videos. One of the main attractions is 'Blow Your Head', the subculture enlightening series by Diplo and Shane McCauley. in the 3rd episode you'll get a closer look into yet another sub-culture originating in New Orleans.

Bounce is the name of the game, and people of all ages like to play it. Rusty Lazer loves it too, so he's the perfect DJ to brake it down for you!

Directed by Shane McCauley

Wiley Rodgers - SXSW Daytime Footage


Nicky Da B - Hot Potato Style

Source: Potato

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