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Officially the most shenanigan filled DJ, Dillon Francis' video for 'Bootleg Fireworks'

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Dillon Francis, a patient of the insane asylum that is Mad Decent, has published a video through the newly launched Potato Will Eat You channel. You know how Francis is always getting a kick out everything he does, be it interviews, tracks or other audiovisual pieces. 'Bootleg Fireworks' has gotten an official video that shows the trickster topping himself yet again. If you'd like to see the man live, get your tickets for the closest  Wurld Turr show. The tour will see him travel across North America. Apparently, it's a Wurld Turr not a world tour.

Check out the official video, directed by MENZ, the alias of Bill Benz & Mike Giambr! You can buy the record out from Fly Eye Records from iTunes, here.

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