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DJ-Follower's Daily Dose of Free Tunes: 05.03.13

00:00 Nov/30/1999

The keyword for today's post is BASS - you know, the phenomenon of low frequency soundwaves you'll hear best when the sub-woofer is cranked up!

Reminder: these tracks are the courtesy of the artist. Sort of creative commons that you are supposed to share, mix and remix as you please. Nevertheless, we urge you to support the artists by acquiring their other releases and going to the shows! Enjoy, and grab them while you can!

Also: Don't miss out on the last dose of free tunes!

If you're looking for a easy listening, to accompany a easy reading in your easy-chair - you've come to the wrong place. Hard is the way Bird Peterson likes the bass. Good luck annoying your neighbours! When they complain, just tell them - This is Sick!

This one's a treat for those most appreciative of stadium-sized EDM productions. A young resident DJ in Vegas, 3LAU (pronounced Blau) has put his spin on a RHCP remix. Enjoy!

What an intro, what an intro, what an intro! heRobust burst onto scene last year, making the 'Producers to Watch' lists of numerous magazines. And the hereby bass-driven affair proves this isn't just hype! Buckle up, and take the ride!

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