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Another cross-genre Skrillex track in The Art of Raw

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Awe-inspiring goes for both the video, as well as the unveiled Skrillex track accompanying it. If you heard his Reason EP, one of the first OWSLA Nest releases, you know about the dubstep virtuoso's genre crossing explorations. The track used in this ad is a step further into the unknown. What must have become apparent by now, is that Skrillex isn't just about one blend of music. His personal experimenting, Dog Blood project with Boys Noize and the hereby commercial are a testament to just that. If you ask my personal opinion, I like it..

Skrillex sat down with G-Star for a quick word on what he thinks of the project:

“It was a way for us all to come together and experiment artistically. Coming together to create this fantastic video piece was just exciting and new for everybody involved on the project. That’s the thing about adverts, they can either be cheesy and solely used as marketing tool, or they can be a great excuse to do something different and expressive. I truly believe we made something AWESOME together.”

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