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Travel website launched by A-Trak:"Finally I can share my Tao of travelling."

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Depending on your life-style, chances are you might need travel tips now and then. And who could be better at giving them, than the nomad DJs we have circling the earth on a daily basis? For information which airports have Yoga rooms and which airplanes have kid-free 'quiet zones', head over to the new site presented by A-Trak himself. Below, you'll find the official statement by the Canadian DJ!

As a DJ, I might perform in Tallahassee one night and Tel Aviv the next. And what I’ve come to realize is that strange things can happen when you fly around so much. For instance, I never set out to become an expert in toiletry cases. But when you spend more time in hotels and airplanes than at home, your suitcase becomes your home and you start paying excessive attention to things like zippers and 4-way wheels. Inadvertently, your knowledge expands like an inflatable neck pillow.


I remember attempting to decode frequent flyer regulations when I was a teenager and feeling like a Freemason. I recall being charmed by my first impeccably furnished boutique hotel, only to realize I couldn’t get a snack at 2am. A monumental letdown for the globetrotter I had become; I made a mental note. And I also remember all the times airlines lost my record crates on the day of a show, which is why I now live a carry-on life. I learned the ins and outs of travel by trial and error, although the errors might leave me stranded in Reno.

After years of learning the hard way, I can finally share my Tao of travel.

However, with the exception of small talk with my DJ colleagues, I could never find a resource that had all the information I needed. Sure, there are sites that tell you if your seat will have a power outlet and others that can help your parents book a room at the Westin. But how could I find a hotel in Jamaica with Helmut Newton books in the rooms? Or a passport holder that isn’t Brookstone? Or an affordable all-business airline that only flies between New York, Paris and Amsterdam? I slowly gathered up nuggets of intel from various sources. My bookmarks became a goldmine. On occasion, while roaming on Boingo hotspots, I would dream of the ideal travel site.

And then it hit me.

Like a gate agent paging me to the courtesy telephone, I was summoned by my new vocation. Just like that, I decided to create the one-stop destination I longed for. When no label was releasing all the music I wanted to hear under one roof, my friends and I founded Fool’s Gold. Isn’t it time we addressed another common interest: that of our migrant lifestyle? After years of learning the hard way, I can finally share my Tao of travel.

Now understand, I’m not trying to turn you into those sales managers who show up at the Admirals Club with Bluetooth headsets and a tucked-in polo. There are ways of roaming the world that don’t involve leisure pants and a money belt. There are choices for all tastes, and the journey is full of Easter eggs and shortcuts. I’m here to share what I’ve learned, like a buddy pass from your cool aunt. Whether you’re looking for the perfect man-bag, wondering if noise-canceling headphones are really worth purchasing, or searching for a good place to eat burritos in Beijing, Infinite Legroom will advise you.

Despite the giant metal doors of that frequent flyer lounge, the world of pleasant travel is not inaccessible. With the right advice, all the upgrades can appear at your fingertips. We saved you a seat. - A-Trak

(via infinitelegroom.com)

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