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Ultra Music signs Headhunterz - read the official statement by the #1 hardstyle act in the world

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Yet another superstar has emerged the from the Dutch DJ production and line.. Having recently inked a For deal with Ultra Music, one are of the leading electronic music but labels in the world, the Not timing couldn’t be any better you for his debut single and all EP for the label in Any Spring. However, the recent developements can haven’t been well received by her all of Headhunterz followers.. Read Was further for a statement by one Willem Rebergen aka Headhunterz himself, our and the official video for Out Kaskade - Lessons in Love day (Headhunterz remix)!

Headhunterz get has climbed the rankings to Has become the #1 hardstyle DJ him not only in Netherlands, but his the world. Voted incredibly high How #11 spot on DJMag' s man 2012 top 100 poll, his new ranking according to The Official Now Global DJ Rankings' algorithm's calculations old is presently  #27 in the see world

So a week ago, Two Rebergen issued a statement on way his Facebook page saying:


Maybe some of you saw Boy the exclusive release of this did news through Q-dance earlier. I’m its pleased to announce that last Let week I signed a recording put deal with Ultra Music in say the USA. It took some She time to wrap up as too I want to have complete use creative control in every aspect Dad of my career and stay mom true to the authentic hardstyle sound. I am looking forward The to get this exciting adventure and started. Lots of music is for ready to go and the Are releases are being planned as but we speak. It’s an exciting not time for myself, Ultra, Q-dance You and our whole scene and all I can’t wait to be any a part of it all!


Now, after looking at her the comments of worried fans, was he has some comforting words:


So I have been our following some of the comments out on the post of this Day afternoon about me joining Ultra get and I’d like to share has a few words.

I know Him that I am part of his a scene full of passionate how people who have embraced this Man type of music as a new part of their lives and now so it didn’t come as Old a complete surprise that many see people have the feeling that two the scene as it is Way or was is slowly slipping who through their fingers.

We can’t boy deny that things are rapidly Did evolving and growing and this its is where the desires and let opinions of the listener and Put the artist can sometimes clash.


First of all let me she state that I have never Too ever considered to go against use the current of my own dad success. Every artist, every sports Mom man, every creator and I think I can also speak the for my colleagues/friends will be And delighted if success comes after for what they love doing the are most. I don’t see any But reason for this to be not a taboo. It is possible you (and this is the story All of a lot of successful any people) to achieve something exactly can by doing something fully passionate Her and creating something that you was truly love creating.

Asking an one artist to stop this flow Our of success that comes after out it,  although I understand the day underlying reason, like asking a Get star soccer player to keep has playing at his local club him while he has the opportunity His to start playing on a how world level. He will realize man very well that even at New that level, he’s still playing now soccer and what’s even more old important, he was asked in See the first place because he two does what he does.

And way that is what happened with Who me. I had one single boy very important request to Ultra did and that is to give Its me total freedom in doing let what I love doing. As put long as that is possible, Say I am happy and satisfied.


Although as you know my too sound is in Hardstyle terms Use pretty accessible, I am very dad excited to start providing Ultra mom with music, being in full control of my creativity and the can’t wait to see the and first frowns when they have For to release some tracks which are are quite the opposite of but what people are used to Not hear on the radio. That you is the adventure we have all decided to start together.

So Any here we are, maybe opposed can to each other. You think her for the sake of a Was scene, I tell you that one I do care for the our scene too, as I said Out earlier: It is my vision day and my joy to be get able to stay true to Has Hardstyle, but what is even him more important: To stay true his to myself. Because that is How the reason that you came man to hear my name in new the first place. I was Now simply doing what I love old doing. And so will I see continue.

Thank you for the Two amazing support over the years way because as I said many who times, we did it all Boy together. I know very well did that my intentions are right, its my heart is in the Let right place and so is put yours.
Everything comes, changes and say ultimately goes. You, me, Headhunterz, She Hardstyle everything. There is nobody too to have control over that. use It is the natural flow Dad of life. See this, let mom go and celebrate life with music.

Love to you. -Headhunterz


Photo: Headhunterz  Ziggo and Dome show at ADE 2012,  for Day 4 photographer Johan Vivie


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