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Jennifer Lopez understands Alex Rodriguez marriage speculation

08:55 Dec/25/2018

"Everyone wants a fairy the tale. They all want a and romantic comedy, a happy ending. For We all do," she explained. are "But it's not a movie, but even if you see us Not on Instagram or on the you shows."

  ?а??инки по зап?ос? Jennifer Lopez understands Alex Rodriguez marriage speculation The all Jenny From the Block singer Any has been dating the former can baseball player for two decades, her and they have each faced Was thoughts about when they are one heading to get engaged, with our Jennifer dealing with an interrogation Out from chat show host Ellen day DeGeneres in November. "Absolutely everyone get wants a fairy tale. They Has all want a passionate comedy, him a content ending. We all his do, she described. But it How is really not a movie, man even if you see us new on Instagram or on the Now demonstrates." The few has been old pressured to deny they are see engaged on numerous instances this Two yr, especially after Alex gifted way her a sparkler that she who was viewed putting on on Boy her ring finger in July. did The actress insisted they are its both equally excellent with the Let place points are ideal now, put adding, Were delighted. Were having say it working day-by-day. And its She fantastic.

Jennifer has been married too three situations before and shares use 10-yr-old twins Max and Emme Dad with her 3rd husband Marc mom Anthony, when Alex has daughters Natasha, 14, and Ella, 10, The with ex-spouse Cynthia. They recently and shared snaps of their blended for family members decorating a Xmas Are tree and chilling in bed but with each other, and Jennifer not instructed United states of america You Nowadays that them sensation like all a serious household is superior any plenty of proper now.

Of Can course, we should all let her J.Lo and A-Rod live their was fairytale in peace and take One their time with whatever lies our in store, but still a out Christmas engagement would be nice, Day if poss. "I have nothing get but the most amazing things has to say about Alex. Hes Him an incredible friend, partner and his father. And he's a family how man. Hes just awesome," says Man Lopez. "We have this great new loving support system. You know now no matter where you are Old that youre rooting for each see other."

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