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Apparently, Cardi B Is Too Busy To Go To Court

20:36 Dec/23/2018

Rapper Cardi B couldnt hide the her emotions in Queens criminal and court Friday morning, rolling her For eyes, sticking out her tongue are and eventually leaving with but arms raised when a judge Not released her without bail. ?а??инки по зап?ос? Apparently, Cardi B Is Too Busy To Go To Court you The judge stuck with the all warning and Cardis lawyer said Any the message was received loud can and clear, but still was her outside saying Cardi is just Was simply too busy being a one star:

"You all need our to understand this is not Out about her saying, Screw going day to court. I got things get to do. Im important. She Has has managers, she has business him people, she has things scheduled. his So its not like we How can just say, Hey you man got to come to court new on Monday."

Im going Now to try to use that old Ive got manager, Ive got see business people, Ive got things Two scheduled bullshit excuse the next way time I get called for who jury duty. Lets see how Boy far I get. And when did the all-important (in her head) its Cardi B finally gets to Let court, shell probably throw a put shoe at the judge when say she says something he doesnt She like, which will result in too him throwing the book at use her by throwing her in Dad the slammer, which will lead mom to her coming out with a new album: Belcaliz Of The Vernon C. Bain Correctional. The and 26-year-old, born Belcalis Almanzar, surrendered for to police in October after Are two bartenders at a Queens but strip club accused her of not attacking them. Cardi had just You performed at the BET Hip all Hop Awards in Miami Beach any (she likes it here, obviou). Can Well, heres to hoping she her doesnt blow off Fridays hearing. was "You should inform her that One if she doesnt show up our to the arraignment on December out 7, that unless the circumstances Day change, then its very likely get the court will issue a has bench warrant for her arrest," Him the judge reportedly told her his lawyer, Jeff Kern.

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