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Avicii hospitalized after extensive partying

00:00 Nov/30/1999

Recently, Avicii celebrated gathering 3,000,000 Facebook fans. Things haven't always been this rosy for the Swedish superstar DJ. In the beginning of last year, he ended up in hospital after partying too hard.

The tour schedule of superstar DJs is a whopping 300-plus shows a year. No wonder his body couldn’t bear the intense partying and afterpartying.

When asked if it is hard to party non-stop while on tour, Bergling shared his thoughts on what happened last year.

“It totally is,” he told inthemix. “I was so much more into that before, though. I was drinking a whole lot more and I was going to after-parties and just generally not being very professional. But my body just couldn’t take it and I ended up in the hospital at the beginning of last year – so, like a year ago. Really, because of drinking. Since then I’ve done a complete 180 and I’ve been taking it really easy. I’ll still have fun on occasion, but I have to pick my battles, I really do. I don’t know how some people do it when they party for years and years and years. I crashed.”

It’s easy to imagine that this had a lot to do with his age and experiences. Partying life style is most appealing to the teenagers, so it is easy to get sucked into it:

„I had shows every single day and I’m still young, but when I started touring I was like eighteen years old. So I was straight out of high school, like the same time I could go to clubs I started touring, so that’s a lot of excitement. It was a lot of excitement for me when I was eighteen so I really tried to take everything in.

“I wasn’t sure if it was going to last, I really tried to take advantage of it and I completely overdid it. I’m happy I did it then, and I’m happy I got that hospital visit now, ‘cause if not I probably would have still kept going and in a year or two years probably something way worse could have happened. Something that’s irreversible. This is not irreversible at all. It was just kind of a wake-up call.

Avicii is happy that he got that wake-up call. Not everybody is as fortunate,though. Having gotten used to the fast-paced partying lifestyle, it’s hard to back to humbler ways. Going from festivals to festivals, eating and sleeping chaotically is exhausting on the body. So this is a good role model for teenagers. Take it easy, don’t forget your health!

Starting with the life-altering experience, Avicii had an immensely successful year. In 2013, big things are ahead. Bergling has cut down on tour dates, hoping to stay put in U.S. and produce new music. There’s an ongoing crowd-sourcing project aspiring producers should really turn their attention, more info here.

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