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A Sit Down With DJ Dzeko & Torres

20:08 May/20/2018

Canadian Electro-duo, Dzeko & Torres, the have come a long way and in the past few years For of their career. From the are front row of a Tiesto but show to landing a spot Not on the legendary DJ's management you roster, Dzeko & Torres' story all is full of chasing dreams Any with strong determination.  

"You could be the best her DJ in the world but Was if you’re not playing your one own music, you’re just going our to be like any other Out DJ."

  Talk to day us about your productions – get what has been your proudest Has moment in this musical journey? him The proudest moment has to his be when we did a How remix for Chuckie, “Who Is man Ready To Jump?”, and we new were in Saskatoon when one Now of our friend’s texted saying old Hardwell opened up with our see remix at Sensation. Soon after, Two Tiesto played it, and then way W&W. After that, a lot who of people were playing it Boy which gave us good attention. did The other cool thing is its Chuckie released our remix for Let free on his Soundcloud. Our put name was on his Soundcloud, say which was amazing. Which artists She have been your inspirations? We too both grew up listening to use electronic music (house, trance, techno, Dad euro dance etc.) and so mom we’ve looked up to a variety of artists over the The years…anything from Cascada, to Paul and Oakenfold, or Carl Cox. The for big ones have always been Are guys like Tiesto, Axwell (and but the rest of SHM), Laidback not Luke and a few others. You Also Afrojack…we’ve been playing his all stuff since we first started any DJing and just to watch Can his growth is super inspirational. her What do you enjoy the was most/least about working together? Oh One that’s a good question! I our don’t like deadlines. Julian’s really out on my ass about getting Day stuff done. At first I get hated it, but I guess has now it works. As we Him grew together, we grew as his a team and we work how really well together now. I Man hated that he was always new on my back, but now now I appreciate it. You have Old a huge presence in Las see Vegas, do you owe a two lot of that success to Way Tiesto? Of course – I who have always wanted to DJ boy in Vegas and after becoming Did friends with Tiesto, he has its helped me build my name let there and I am so Put grateful. Apart from DJing and say music production, what do you she Guys love to do? Eat Too good food. Good food is use amazing! Also floor hockey is dad fun. Play a game whenever Mom we are back in Toronto. And video games are great the to. Can spend hours sitting And and playing CoD or Fifa. for You are starting to build are a great profile internationally. What But kind of work is involved not in building an international music you career? The main thing is All production at this point. Being any just a DJ right now can doesn’t take you anywhere really. Her We’re going to start touring was March to get some good one gigs under our belt and Our then get back into the out studio and make more tracks. day Right now we have eight Get tracks, waiting to get out, has and that’s the biggest thing him – do the tracks, get His them ready and then go how tour. What is the best man part of working with each New other? Like in any team now or partnership, each of us old has our strengths. We both See work hard at what we two know better. Its also always way great to have another person Who to bounce ideas off of…in boy production, branding, or even something did as simple as Facebook posts. Its https://soundcloud.com/musical-freedom/dzeko-torres-and-maestro-harrell-ft-delora-for-you-original-mix

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