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A Sit Down With DJ Will Sparks

13:14 May/11/2018

At just 21 years old, Australian producer Will Sparks has experienced the kind of success many musicians hope to achieve over the course of a lifetime. Already recognized as the king of Melbourne bounce, Sparks reigns supreme not only in Australia, but globally as well, having performed at some of the world’s largest festivals alongside the industry’s most important names.



"Keep your head on your shoulders, remember who you are."


What was your musical upbringing?

I grew up listening to acts like The Bee Gees, John Farnham, and Rod Stewart. From 12 to 17 I was into a lot of old school rock and metal. I would write my music with guitar. Then I encountered dance music and Melbourne bounce and I started putting my guitar riffs on the computer, and it eventually developed into what I’m making now.

How did you become an international DJ supremo so quickly?

I think every person who is successful got to where they are from extreme hard work, passion, dealing with the lows and picking them self back up. A big one would have be being kind to everyone no matter what, networking, making friends and having time for the people that support you etc. The social network is your key to success these days, music wise. If you make music that a large majority of people enjoy then it will create hype and probably end up hitting millions of new feeds.. Basically if you say you can’t do it, then you’re right.

What live music performances have impacted you, or helped shape your career?

I saw Deadmau5 live in 2010 which changed my life. Also in recent years again, KSHMR does something no one does; it’s a new level that only he is on.

How is the dance music scene evolving?

It’s always changing. Radio won’t play anything but slow vocal bendy tribal music. Crowds will only go hard if you go hard. So music is getting quicker, more ‘full on’ Love how the Psy trance style is becoming well known. Always been my favorite. Brazilian bass is gonna turn even cooler too.

Which artist would you most love to collaborate with and why?

Showtek, their sounds are so unique and they’re just all round legends at what they do.

What do you think is important in a live performance?

You have to be energetic and have a personality. They want to like you as a person, not only your music. You do have to play good music I guess – well, that depends on who you are. You have to do a mixture of songs that people know and your new stuff. I could do a whole set of stuff that people don’t know but I don’t do that, because you have to keep them alive somehow.

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

It’s all just a ball rolling – amazing things are happening so frequently, I get told I’m playing at the best club in the world or at EDC and then Ultra want me then I sign to Ultra and I get all these deals happening. A big highlight would have been when I came second in Australian Top DJs behind the Stafford Brothers. That was really cool, because it was my first ever charting in the Australian Top DJs so I came second then I got the Breaking Best New Artist award. It all happened in a year, I made some songs which all charted on Beatport then I came second so it was all pretty exciting!

Where is your favorite place in the world and why?

So far, Best Food & Wine, Palermo – Italy & Lyon – France. Holiday wise probably have to be Airlie Beach/Hamilton Island. Clubbing – Vegas or Melbourne at its early stages of the genre.


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