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David Guetta Is Not Dead - Again!

13:23 Sep/10/2014

For some unclear reasons some people like to amuse themselves with “funny” things which actually turn out not to be funny at all. As therefore and again - nasty rumors going around about David Guetta passing away in a tragic car accident on Thursday morning. According to Global Associated News caused by the conditions of the road he lost control while driving a friend´s car, vehicle got rolling and killed him instantly.

As for the 3 times before – also this story turns out to be completely fabricated by the website, which have also killed off other famous people (including Tiesto, DJ Pauly D and Armin Van Buuren) before with the similar fake news. More than that – website even presents a false photo of the crashed car as well as predicting Guetta´s funeral to be a closed casket service due to the severe head trauma.

The fabrication of news about death in the Guetta family spiked at its maximum a month ago when a real tragedy struck, and a man was found dead at his luxury villa on Ibiza. The man was record label manager Samuel Guetta. Some impulsive and lightheaded people immediately and without confirming real facts assumed that it was a brother or at least a relative of David Guetta, simply connecting the parameters of his family name, music industry, and Ibiza. In fact Guetta is not a very common French family name, but there were no relation between the two French music moguls who both had decided to spend a large part of their time on the party island. Samuel Guetta, 40, had been the head of Cadenza Records since 2008 and was a well-known and respected name on the Ibiza music scene,

Fortunately to his fans David Guetta is still fine, very much alive and coming weekend will continue his summer tour with V Festival in UK.

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