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A Sit Down With DJ Third Party

17:10 Apr/14/2018

In a world of hype, fads and overnight success, Third Party has let the music do all the talking. Childhood friends turned accomplished studio outfit, a reassuring level of respect has met Jonnie Macaire and Harry Bass’s journey from the unsuspecting backdrop of Essex into the forefront of electronic music.


"So it’s like as soon as you start chasing another genre for the sake of business, you’ll go down a bad path."


How was collaboration with Martin Garrix?

It was great. He's the most down to earth guy so for us it was a pleasure working with him. The track flowed naturally into a festival banger, then we spent a few days in a London studio nailing the vocal with a super talented songwriter.

Where was your first show?

Our first show was for an 18th birthday party in our local town. Our first real show as Third Party was in Miami which was a pretty crazy start to our career.

What do you dream of doing as a DJ? If you’ve done it what was it?

To headline a big festival and to play at a Size Matters pool party of course!!

Give us some insight on the new album ‘Hope’. How did the idea for the album come to life and what is your vision and story behind it?

We came up with the title of Hope as we felt this represented what we wanted the message of the album to be as a whole. We want people who listen to the album to be inspired the way we were inspired by music we listened to growing up. Also from a human level, music has the power to create Hope for someone in any aspect of their life, so if any of the songs can motivate/inspire/help anyone in anyway we will feel it was all worth it!

You’ve worked with and remixed some of the biggest names in dance music. Who would you like to collaborate with, but haven’t yet?

It’s probably said a lot, but acts like Daft Punk and Coldplay. Those artists that have the ability to create that magic and originality that very few people in the world can do.

How do you get the inspiration from when producing music?

We're most inspired when we surround ourselves with positivity. Whether it's in the studio, on tour or at home. If were positive and enjoying what we're doing the music flows naturally. It's not a job this way. We want to sit down and take things on a journey and enjoy doing so.

How does your music stand out from the rest?

We like to think our music stands out because it mixes quite a few different musical inspirations. The main core of our sound is progressive house, but you could say there is a bit of everything in the productions. One of the main things we like to do is sample old vocals into our music. We really like the fusion and vibe they bring to the music that slick vocals just can’t bring!

Favourite recent gig, either played or attended and why?

SHM at Brixton…it felt like a rock concert, they tore the roof down!!

It seems like these days you guys are the ones keeping the progressive house we all love alive. How are you guys doing it? We’d expect it to be a challenge to keep up given the current influx of Flume/Chainsmokers-style of tracks.

Progressive house has always been our first love coming into the industry so why change what you love? I think if anything the influx of similar sounding tracks trying to follow trends has made our vision and direction even stronger. If you fall into the trap of following trends it becomes very difficult to create your own identity which is very crucial to have longevity in this industry.

Do you have any advice for anyone starting out in the industry?

Just stay true to yourself. We’ve really tried to make a stand with this album and say you don't need to make radio music or follow trends to follow your DJ dreams. Just make what you love and make it the best sh*t out there, even if it’s not what’s trendy or in fashion! Good music always shines through in the end. You just have to be patient sometimes. Hopefully that reflects in our music, and even if it inspires one fan then we’re happy.


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