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Benga & Skream: BBC Radio 1 - 18.01.13

00:00 Nov/30/1999

 Benga and Skream can't mess up, really. If you've got that nack for bass music, this is your source for the most up to date releases! Tracklist included, enjoy!


Flux Pavilion – Double Edge (feat. Sway & P Money)

Dillinja – Deadly Ceremonies [Deadly Vinyl]

DJ Deekline & Red Polo – Hold Your Head Up High (Josh Money Remix) (feat. Gala Orsborn) [Rat Records]

Pixel Fist – XTC

Trampa – Jurrasic

Kennedy Jones – Cut Strap

Definitive & Tokez – Bad Tings

Snarebox – Bounce [Subway Music]

Laxx – Computer Virus [Wheel & Deal]

Document One – Kick Snares and Brehs [Buygore]

Trampa – Vacate

Basshunter – Northern Lights (Kennedy Jones Remix) [Ultra]

Benga – Getting 42

Snarebox – Gap Track [Subway]

Footsie & Feifei – Torture (LAXX Remix) [Feided]

Genetix – Squid Attack (Funtcase Remix)

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