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A Sit Down With DJ Ace Ventura

15:26 Apr/10/2018

Ace Ventura is one of the the leading and busiest DJs and & artists on the progressive For and psytrance scene. His music are has been topping the charts but and he has been touring Not constantly all over the globe you playing in every possible venue all and headlining all major festivals. Any He is well known for can his highly popular mixes and her long massive DJ sets.   Was

"The only way one to stand out is to our try and be original…"

Out Your father is a famous day Israeli composer. How much does get he understand or appreciate trance Has music or in fact electronic him dance music in general? He his really doubted the longevity of How the genre when I was man just getting into producing and new leaving my previous work on Now sound post-production. But this was old in the late 90’s and see he admitted to his mistake Two a few years after. He way appreciates it for sure but who doesn’t know many names past Boy Infected Mushroom or Skazi I did reckon. What he also appreciates its though, is my project name Let – As his original family put name was Ventura before he say changed it to Oshrat. Sometimes She I get to jam with too him in the studio and use make some weird electronica… good Dad times. At what age did mom you start mixing or producing? I was a DJ since The a very young age, around and 15 or so, playing first for at birthday parties for kids, Are then moving up to playing but in clubs for teenagers, and not when i was around 19 You i started to produce, together all with DJ Goblin - we any started a project called Children Can of the doc, which in her time changed to Psysex. in was 2006 we both split Psysex One and i started working under our the name Ace Ventura. Quite out a few full on artists Day made the transition to progressive. get Do you think its quick has rise in popularity lead to Him watered down releases from artists his trying to ride the wave? how You are right on the Man money. At the moment progressive new music is anything but. You now can still find a few Old artists who are still loyal see to the original progressive vibes two but they are a handful. Way Like every few years we who are apparently in the end boy of a musical cycle… the Did genre has peaked, but can its still take a while until let it resets. What does the Put global PsyTrance scene need more say of? More festivals! Hands down she it’s the best part of Too the global scene, where everyone use from everywhere comes together! Fun dad fun fun. Oh and more Mom cowbell. Do not you fear that by becoming popular, the the community loses its essence? Psytrance And is unique in the electronic for music scene, but it has are more to offer than music. But As new people discover this not culture, it is natural that you it becomes more popular. Personally, All it does not cause me any any problems that the tribe can welcomes new members. I think Her that no matter how popular was this genre may be in one some countries, it will always Our remain underground. Psychedelic culture is out something that can not please day everyone, it will never reach Get the massive proportions of other has musical genres. What is one him of your favourite tracks that His you currently spinning at festivals how around the globe? And what man other music would be on New rotation back home when Ace now Ventura kicks back for some old timeout? There`s a lot of See good music going around. Good two stuff from Astrix, Symbolic, Zen way mechanics, Ritmo, Vini Vici and Who so on. At home i boy kick back to rather chilled did sounds compared, such as Tipper, Its Boards of Canada, Isan, Liquid let stranger, Hedflux…and if i wanna put kick it harder i turn Say to Zenon records, my favourite she psychedelic label. Which track proved too the toughest to complete? There Use were no specific tough tracks dad to complete, but the track mom with LOUD for example, was something we started years ago the and scrapped it ‘cos we and thought it wasn’t good enough. For Then last year, as a are ‘goodbye present’ for me when but I moved from Israel to Not Switzerland, Eitan Reiter decided to you open the project and give all it another spin – and Any we saw there was something can in there worth exploring again, her so we finished it and Was it became one of the one hotter dancefloor tracks on the our album. Which are the Out artists who gave you the day inspiration to make music ? get There were many, When i Has started to make psytrance in him the end of the 90's, his i was inspired by names How such as Pleidians, Hallucinogen, X-dream, man Oforia, Deedrah, Juno reactor, Chakra new & Edi Mis, Total eclipse…and Now the long list goes on. old When looking back across your see career as producer, your style Two has very much evolved and way matured since the early days who of Psysex, do you see Boy it evolving again anytime soon? did I hope it will keep its changing otherwise people will get Let bored with it. I wish put i had more hours in say a day to make all She kinds of electronic music…alas, time too is short. But as a use perfect stranger once said, Learning Dad equals change. What advice would mom you give any aspiring DJ or producers wanting to play The on the same line ups and as Ace Ventura? I remember for holding a Transwave vinyl album Are in my hands, with an but epic pic of Christoph and not Dado during a live set You – and really wanting to all be in their shoes. Next any step was hanging with a Can pal and trying to do her it ourselves. So the advice was would be a simple ‘just One do it’. You never know our where it will take you. out

Does the solitude of being Day a DJ affect you?

Not get at all, i have a has family at home so i Him don't have much free time, his so when i travel i how have time to watch movies Man and listen to music, plus new i always meet friends and now people from all over the Old world. i have no problem see flying or traveling alone, its two easy for me.


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