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A Sit Down With DJ Cazzette

15:09 Apr/09/2018

The legendary Swedish DJ duo, Cazzette has taken the world by storm ever since their first track hit the streets. Their versatility and ever-changing production style has allowed them to become one of the biggest names in the scene. Cazzette’s work has really transformed throughout the years; from the early days of electro house hits such as “Beam Me Up” to banging future house tracks, including “Sleepless” and “Together”. They revolutionized the industry with their production and proved to us that they have what it takes to be an EDM giant.


"We simply said to ourselves that we needed to create music that we love no matter the genre."


How did you come up with the name “Cazzette” ?

Our manager Ash suggested the name when we started working together. Since we don’t really stick to one genre and also that’s how he discovered us we want to represent a mixtape where one really doesn’t care about genres but rather good songs no matter what.
Don’t get me wrong, you look dashing in your cassette-shaped headgear, but have we got to the point where the aesthetic needs to match the quality of the tunes for a DJ to get discovered?

It’s always going to be about the music in the end – great headgear doesn’t make up for lazy production. It’s just an added element to the production of our shows and we never wear them for the full performance. We take them off when we’re getting ready to jump up and down with the crowd!

You’re releasing your debut album EJECT in 3 parts, and only on Spotify. What is the idea behind this strategy?

Well I guess we just wanted to have different parts because it’s more exciting. If you put an album out there with just 12 or 13 songs and that’s it, I think people don’t listen to every song. But if you put out in parts, like we’re doing now, people listen to every song because it’s just 5 songs, so it’s like an EP. And then when the next part comes out, people will want to listen to that.

How would you describe your sound now then?

It’s definitely a lot more chill. We don’t stick to genres though. We take influences from what we love and feel at the moment and whatever comes out in the track, the only thing that matters is that it’s a good song. We don’t care about genres anymore. It takes out so much creativity from the production process when you get stuck in a genre. A lot of people are like, “oh, we have to have this beat and this kick drum,” but you don’t need to. That doesn’t mean it will be a better song. We don’t have any rules we follow, we just make what we like.

Always about your style, I noticed several evolutions compared to the pieces present on your Album Wject and your last EP, Desserts. On Desserts , you're on a decidedly more house music style, radically different from the songs on Eject , which was more aggressive and Electro house. Why this change?

It was very natural to us. We used our single Sleeplees to really initiate this change and Blind Heart after that. We love this kind of music, it's been a big part of our personal development for both, but we also love other styles, which are really easy to merge and experiment with this genre. We were very pleased with the response of the public and critics to this facet of our music and most importantly, we really believe in this music.

What are some of your favorite artists outside of EDM?

Lil Wayne and Coldplay are definitely in our favorites!

What’s your favourite noise?

A fully sound-proofed room. It’s sort of creepy sounding. I’m also a huge fan of the noise aeroplane wheels make when they pull lower just before you land somewhere new.

Was the studio dynamic intense or free-flowing?

Nice and free flowing I would say. Everything came together so organically, and I think that is what’s so great – we get to do what we want to do. There were a few challenges with mixings and the arrangements, but that’s all good, these things happen. We actually still have a bunch of unreleased songs, we just picked the ones we felt would work nice together, yet individually have their own feel.

How would you say your music has evolved from the days of ‘Beam Me Up' to ‘Sleepless' to the current EP?

I think the main difference now is that we don't look at our music like EDM or club music. We look at it more like, oh this is a song you can play in a club but you can also play it in the car. The whole ‘Eject' album was very format oriented. Every track had their intros, breakdowns, and had a drop. I feel like now it's more oh, so this track sounds like this, its more of that vibe to the whole thing which is a lot more fun for us. Obviously it's been house and dancier but its just like we cant be creative when we know we have to do a certain like style or sound.

Was there a particular moment that caused the shift, or would you just consider it a natural evolution in your musical careers?

We feel that it was a natural change, but also a lot changed in the scene since we started producing and touring. We kind of got stuck and associated within that EDM bubble and weren’t really comfortable in it. We feel that its so much more fun creating songs rather than “club tracks,” even though once in a while it’s fun to play around with that stuff, too.

Who have been your inspirations growing up that also inspire you today?

We listen to a lot of hip-hop and other non-dance music and it’s kind of hard to just pick a few inspirations as we listen to music in a different way. It could be an amazing J.Dilla snare or some random 80’s pop synth that we pick up.

When you’re constantly on tour, I’m sure you’re exhausted, but what do you guys do to unwind while on the road?

Now it’s better for me because I just moved to the states, but now it’s like touring weekends and I’ll go back home for the week, so it’s not as intense. But to relax we try to go out and eat, and just have a good time, work out, and just chill. I’m a pretty easy going guy, so I don’t do much. Just work out, and I like good food!


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