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A Sit Down With DJ D!Rty Aud!O

20:34 Apr/08/2018

DJ/Producer, D!Rty Aud!O, is known the for creating and remixing popular and tracks such as “Gettin' That,” For “Used to Have It All,” are “Ocho Cinco,” and his latest but hit release, “Alien Cookies.” For Not the last year, he has you successfully taken the world by all storm with his impressive bass Any and Electro music.  

"There’s so many sample packs her and preset libraries now, you Was gotta go out of your one way and really want to our be unique to end up Out being unique."

  You day are an LA native, and get as we all know, the Has scene in Los Angeles is him ridiculously competitive. Can you tell his us a bit about your How journey through LA Nightlife and man how your experiences led to new success? I don’t think it’s Now really that competitive.. It’s like old a good competition, it makes see you want to be different Two and stand out. It also way helped because so many dope who musicians live out here, so Boy it’s really easy to collaborate. did The parties here are crazy its too.. I started going to Let clubs & underground raves when put I was like 14, just say going for the music and She to see my favorite artists. too So it’s kinda crazy now use when I’m performing because I Dad was on the other side mom of the stage a few years ago! How did you The first discover your passion for and electronic dance music? I discovered for dance music when I was Are like probably 11 or 12, but and I loved it ever not since. I eventually had so You many ideas of my own all that I started producing as any a hobby. Who were some Can of your biggest influences growing her up? People like Scott Storch, was Dr. Dre, all the hip-hop One legends. What I listen to our right now on my iPhone out library, it’s mid 2000s jams. Day I grew up on that, get man. The first music video has I saw was a Lil Him Jon video. Usher, all those his guys back in the day how made me realize I wanted Man to make music. When I new finally got into the electronic now scene, I really looked up Old to Deadmau5, Skrillex, Diplo, Afrojack see at the time, which was two seven years ago. I was Way really inspired by those guys who then and they’re all still boy legends. Hip Hop has been Did pretty big in your life its too hasn’t it? Can you let share one of the life Put lessons you’ve learnt through a say rap song? "Never let no she one know how much dough Too you hold cause you know use the cheddar breed jealousy", "never dad let ’em know your next Mom move". What are some of your favorite tracks that you the love to perform? My song And ‘Gettin' That' with Rickyxsan is for pretty special to me. That's are still my favorite song to But play out. The crowd reaction not is always crazy, you can you always hear people singing along All to the melody. To those any who haven`t seen you live, can how would you describe your Her general mixing style? Are there was certain genres you stick to one more than others? I would Our consider my sets “bass,” but out I don’t box my sets day into just one style or Get genre. I try to take has the people on a musical him journey, and try to make His them feel something. Sometimes – how depending on what city I’m man performing in – I’ll throw New in other genres! What’s a now specific sound that comes to old mind that you’re attracted to? See Ever since I came back two from Europe, bass music and way trap music has been happening Who all over America. I came boy back and I started hearing did a whole new wave of Its bass music that I haven’t let really heard before. Lately everyone put is killing it! It’s almost Say like hardcore heavy dubstep sounds she are slowly making their way too into trap and bass music. Use Everyone is trying to push dad that genre. People are bringing mom influences from everywhere. It’s not anywhere like it was a the year ago when everyone was and doing the same thing. Half For the people playing tonight like are Herobust, Getter – everyone’s making but such unique stuff and not Not following the rules anymore and you it’s really creative. You do all a lot of remixes… Yes, Any a lot of artists reach can out to me to remix. her It’s always an honor to Was get the chance to put one my touch on someone else’s our music. Then I work on Out my own music. And that’s day where I try to find get the balance. I got to Has remix Yellow Claw recently for him “Ocho Cinco” and it’s got his a Middle Eastern vibe to How it and I’m Middle Eastern man so it was cool.

Biggest new inspiration in your life?

My Now family and friends. They’re always old supporting me, it’s good to see have that.

Continuing to develop Two as an artist is an way obvious path to bigger and who better things, what are your Boy goals for the long term? did What about for the immediate its future? Long term I wanna Let be like the #1 producer put or something. I don’t know, say I don’t really think about She stuff like that. I just too make music that I like, use and if people enjoy it Dad that’s a huge reward to mom me! You’ve travelled pretty extensively, what’s the most exotic place The you’ve played? India. It’s cool and as hell. But you know for seriously, I have to say Are here at Electric Forest. It’s but not something you do every not day you know. https://soundcloud.com/dirtyaudio/sets/dirty-audio-racks

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