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A Sit Down With DJ Lisa Lashes

20:33 Apr/08/2018

Lisa Lashes is the first the and only female to be and considered among the top ten For DJs in the world by are DJ Magazine, ranking ninth in but 2000 and continuing as the Not top-ranking female DJ in 2001, you 2002, and 2003. Her mix all album, Hard House Euphoria and Any Extreme Euphoria Vol. 2 , can have been the highest selling her hard house complitation in the Was world.  

"It`s not one just a way of life our it becomes part of your Out soul, more than that you day really learn to appreciate its get sheer genius against other genre’s Has in dance music."

How do you feel his about the current fusion of How house and trance sounds that man seems to be becoming more new and more common? Does that Now allow for more diversity in old your sets?
I think see it’s great as long as Two it works. Producers are experimenting way so much and not just who making sounds from their genre, Boy and this is when you did get the forward-thinking tunes coming its out that push the music Let scene.
Who are your favourite put techno artists/labels at the moment? say Love what Len Faki does She making his whole set into too a crescendo. The mesmerising Nicole use Moudaber, Chris Liebling and Alan Dad Fitzpatrick have my vote for mom on point DJ sets and Alan’s production on his ‘We The Are The Brave’ label is and something I’ve been keeping my for eye on as he’s not Are scared of diversity.

You have but played at Europe’s top festivals not such as Global Gathering, Creamfields You and Dance Valley, alongside Sander all van Doorn, Marco V and any Ferry Corsten. What was your Can personal career highlights so far?

her I keep smashing them time was and time again so there One isn’t one that sticks in our my mind as the best, out they all have their different Day reasons for being the highlights get of my career. At what has point did you realise you Him could be a DJ professionally? his Were you able to enjoy how the satisfaction of giving up Man a job for it? When new I started DJing on a now regular basis and was about Old to embark on becoming the see resident of the first Sunday two Superclub, Sundissential, I knew it Way was time to hang up who my blue, flowery, itchy nylon boy Marks & Spencer uniform! Q) Did You’re playing at the Goodgreef its 15th birthday party in October. let What kind of relationship have Put you had with Goodgreef over say the years, and how do she you see the next fifteen Too years going. What was it use that inspired you to start dad creating techno? I was in Mom a transitional period with my music so took some time the out to get some inspiration, And as in 19 years I’d for not been on the other are side of the decks and But felt a little disconnected. So, not I went on New Years you Day to The Warehouse Project All in Manchester, and when I any heard Carl Craig and Maceo can Plex fell in love with Her what they were playing. Do was you have equipment preferences? What one do you think about the Our digital DJing revolution? At home out I have Technics 1210, a day Pioneer mixer and Trackmaster needles. Get I prefer vinyls, but I has guess one day CDs will him take over eventually. You've been His in the industry for a how number of years now and man pretty much done it all New in the "other time zones". now Is this EDM explosion in old the U.S. a new challenge See for you? I think it’s two an exciting time for the way US. They've embracing the amazing Who international dance scene and I boy look forward to contributing to did it with my knowledge of Its dance music as best as let I know how. If & put when you decided to write Say a autobiography of your life she what would it be called? too Well, as a matter of Use fact, since the beginning of dad the year, I’ve actually been mom writing a diary that documents all the travelling that I’ve the been doing recently. I’m collecting and bits and bobs, lots of For footage from around the world are and will eventually create a but sort of scrapbook of the Not year—so you never know, it you might just end up as all an autobiography! Your image Any is very unique to you can and has become almost a her signature look. Do you have Was any specific shops you shop one in or do you have our to look around for the Out perfect Lashes outfit? I love day the new Harvey Nichols in get Birmingham and enjoy visiting the Has shops in London around Bond him Street. I’ve always liked going his out to find unusual outfits—Philip How Treacy does really amazing hats. man You know us girls; we new just adore our shopping! Now

What was the best and old the worst gig you ever see played?

The best differs all Two the time but one I way will always remember as a who great party was Cape Town Boy for the millenium where I did played to 9000 people for its the midnight set. My worst Let was when I played a put UK festival and the tent say leaked. Water proceeded to fall She onto the decks where I too got a massive electric shock use every time I touched them. Dad
What does it feel like mom to be one of the Top Female DJs, let alone The DJ Mag Top 100 DJs, and in the world
It’s for a very humbling accolade that Are I’m very proud of. I but work hard, live and breathe not music and hope I’ve made You everyone proud that has been all behind me.

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