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A Sit Down With DJ Uto Karem

15:09 Mar/19/2018

Uto's artistic career has been growing up year after year which lead him to appear in many of the major techno festivals and parties worldwide, like Miami Utra Music Festival, Tomorrowland Belgium, Carl Cox The Revolution Ibiza, Pacha London, Aquasella Festival Spain, Space Ibiza Closing Party, Soul Tech festival Mexico, Rex Club Paris and Watergate Berlin.


"One thing you should do as an artist is to believe in yourself, create your own musical direction and not care to much about the trend of the moment."


As a teenager you were influenced a lot by Naples techno scene which also influenced a lot on Belgrade clubbing scene. How does something like that happened form your perspective? What does it take to create something regional and local that has World impact on music scene?

Well basically in my experience these kind of things you don’t plan, they just happen, it’s some kind of strange coincidence were different things happen at the right place in the right moment, for example in Detroit the people that gave birth to Techno, I imagine they didn’t plan things thinking we are going to change the music industry, it just happened and now we see all the great things that they made happen. Of course, together with the “alignment of the starts” there must be always a lot of talent and hard work behind. So as a teenager being part of the underground club scene in Naples was very inspirational, we had all these amazing artists flying in from all parts of Europe & US, people like Richie Hawtin, Luke Slater, Jeff Mills, Sven Vath, Robert Hood, Damon Wild, Robert Armani, Ben Sims, Paul Daley (ex Leftfield), Darren Emerson (ex Underworld). Every weekend was a packed party and by that time it was great fun believe me.

What do you think of the Spanish music scene at various levels: producers, clubs, DJs…?

I can say that Spain has made giant leaps at all levels, the are for sure a bunch of good talented producers. The clubs and the mentality are all well focused, so i can say it’s fine place to be.

When it comes to your Agile Recordings, most recent release was by Lewis Delay, right? What can we expect in near future?

Yes! We recently released lots of great music from Alex Mine, Lewis Delay, Landmark, receiving great responses both from the crowds and the artists. In the future we will keep focusing on quality and giving young artists a platform to showcase the talents. I will also be productive and keep up the pace with release.

You are Italian…. How is the electronic scene at home?

She is very interesting in Naples, Milan and Rome where she is well put forward. But there is still a lot to do.

Your most recent release was a collaborative EP with Mladen Tomic who has released solo tracks on labels ranging from Monika Kruse’s Terminal M to Sasha’s Last Night On Earth, how did you and Mladen Tomic meet?

Mladen and I have known each other for many years and we both have a mutual respect as artists and as friends. We have already collaborated in the past on my label Agile Recordings as well as shared the decks in many events around the globe. So as soon as the idea came up it was just a matter of time we would release a collaborative EP.

For you key and lock for the success in dance music industry are?

As an artist you should always be consistent with your work, one thing you should do as an artist is to believe in yourself, create your own musical direction and not care to much about the trend of the moment.
In my opinion something you should not do as a new coming artist is do try be \ copy someone else, influences are good but at the end the originality is what makes you stand out.

In which ways influenced you residency in London when you were a child? I think that your music sounds much more “italian” than anglosaxon., but maybe in the roots of all…

It does not make much a difference in an early age, what i can say is that living in London in the 80’s has made me hear & see a lot more different things, surly more if I was living in Italy.

Could you talk us through the creative process and list any specific equipment used to bring sounds to life?

Over the years my studio setup has always been changing and evolving; nowadays I like to have a live approach to producing music in a more spontaneous and at the same time, fun way. On this EP the setup used was based around Ableton live. Drums were laid down on Maschine, synths were made with the new Roland equipment that I like a lot these days. Compressor and EQ’s were both done on analogue and software.

Tell us something more about the starting idea and inspiration for Waking Up the Neighbours?

I also wanted to have something that was not just a collection of singles that would sound cool in that specific moment. The idea of the album was to have a record and a memory of something that will still be meaningful looking back in ten or twenty years.

How to describe your musical style, your sounds?

My musical style of the moment is a combination of everything that influences me. I enjoy producing techno sounds and at the same time I love creating funky tracks with distinct sounds. Everything is a question of inspiration.

Could you give some advice or words of wisdom to any aspiring producers who would look to your music for inspiration?

I’d tell them that to get inspired by others is always good and the key to keep motivation high. Especially at the start it’s important for the learning process, but they should also work hard to find their own style and discover new forms to express their creativity.


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