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'Top DJs by Genre' - a DJ-Rankings function for aspiring DJs, club promoters and passionate music fans

14:05 Mar/18/2014

Whether you are an aspiring DJ, a club manager/promoter or just a passionate music fan in search of new music – you’ll find the following really helpful. I’m referring to the DJ-Rankings’ function called ’Top DJs by Genre’. According to a report we received, these are the 3 types of demographic making up the majority of current visitors on The Official Global DJ Rankings. Read further to discover how these people benefit from DJ-Rankings’ and learn how you can start profiting yourself from a site that is 100% free for you. Right now, I’ll bring out the conclusions we've drawn about the ’Top DJs by Genre’ function. You can also read my last DJ-Rankings feature about ’Top DJs by Country’.

For the interest of simplicity, I've brought out the 3 types of visitors and shown why they've started using this particular facet of DJ-Rankings. If you consider yourself as one of these people, let us know if we've made the right conclusions - in the comment box below . If you're not one of these people, and find the function useful nevertheless - let us know why you're using it! Here we go:

Aspiring DJ –  In a world where approximately 1,250,000 people are making money as DJs, it isn't easy to get recognized:

  • Firstly, If you haven't decided which genres are going to be your bread and butter, you might find it useful to see how many professional DJs are already active in a particular style of music. For example, there are 1385 DJs on The Official Global DJ-Rankings who play electro house. Making it the 4th most popular genre in the world at the moment, you might consider starting to play and produce electro house yourself. So you'll find it easy to get to know who are the prominent names when it comes to electro house. On the other hand, if electro house is already so popular, you might want to consider making career f.e. as a breakbeats DJ - only 299 DJs in this genre!

  • Secondly, you may have trouble finding a proper DJ alias that isn't used by someone else already. Browsing the world's most comprehensive ranking of DJs will make it easy for an aspiring DJ act to find which monikers have already been taken. At the same time, seeing who's found success in their respective genres, you may draw conclusions on which type of aliases people are drawn to.


Club manager/promoter – There are many ways a venue can benefit from this tool. Want your club to have as appealing line-up as Wynn Las Vegas, with over 40 of world's biggest names as residencies over the year 2013 ? Then consider using this function:

  • Firstly, almost every venue has a resident DJ. Finding someone suitable to your needs is a difficult job. So this will help you select someone who has global appeal, the desired genre and country of origin.

  • Secondly, you may need a DJ for a particular party series. Let's say you're going to have a drum & bass bash - you'll need someone to headline the event, but also additional DJs to fill out the whole evening. Don’t know which DJs would impress and attract demanding partygoers? Head to the drum & bass section, and see which DJs are trending in this category. It's going to be easy to find a headliner from 270 ranked drum & bass DJs.


Music Fan – If you're seriously passionate about music, you will always be on the lookout for something new and exciting. This means finding music from different styles.  Here's a couple of reasons, why DJ-Rankings helps these efforts. :

  • Firstly, most of the DJs produce tracks of their own these days. So if you find an artist whose music is up your alley, you're likely to find great music from the same category. You might argue that ranking doesn't help in this regard. Nevertheless, it gives you a general overview of who's who. I got a thing for Orbital, I think the productions are intricate and enjoyable on many different levels. He's active in the electronica genre. But if I browsed the category, I found that Younger Brother, Etienne de Crecy are also in line with my taste.

  • Secondly, If someone has global appeal, you'll know that he probably has his own radio show. These radioshows are regularly posted here on DJfollower as well as DJ-Rankings. You know what's really great about these shows? That's right, DJs play fresh tuned and exclusive tracks they've gotten from fellow colleagues!


Currently, the ranked genres are pretty general. However, we remind you that the site is in process of development. New genres are probably being added as we speak. The emergence of trap calls for serious consideration that it should be included. Right now, there are 19 categories:

breakbeats, chill out, commercial dance, drum & bass, dubstep, electro house, electronica, funk / r&b, hard dance, hardcore techno, hip hop, indie / underground, minimal, progressive hourse, psychedelic trance, reggae, tech house, techno, traditional house, trance

As you can see at the top of The Official Global DJ-Rankings page, house genres rule the music world:

  1. Traditional house has a strong lead, with 2093 ranked DJs

  2. Progressive house is not far behind with 1618 ranked DJs

  3. Tech house is also really popular - 1443 ranked DJs

I will be looking to update on DJ-Rankings features soon. But for now, have you read other articles? Find a list of articles breaking down DJ-Rankings different aspects below!

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