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A Sit Down With DJ Shah

15:11 Mar/19/2018

Over the past two decades, the Roger Shah has produced beautiful and music while also DJing around For the world. His musical abilities are are amazingly diverse, ranging from but productions in Trance and House Not to even creating orchestral scores you for Hollywood. His career accomplishments all include being named in the Any DJ Mag Top 100 five can times and having a discography her of more than 600 releases, Was many of which have been one played globally.  

"I our just produce the music that Out I feel and sometimes you day hit the right track at get the right moment and it Has becomes bigger and also sometimes him you don’t, which means it his is more for the real How lovers of that particular style man of music that I am new producing at that moment."

Now   You’re “Sunlounger” pseudonym is old possibly you’re best known work, see pioneering the Balearic island sound, Two fans all over the world way have come to love, tell who us a bit about the Boy origin of this project, and did what makes it stand out its as much? I think sunlounger Let is my best know alias put besides I just tour as say Roger Shah, especially th elast She 2 years I focused more too on releases under my real use name. I think that people Dad love sunounger because it's a mom unique sound, very chill, deep and atmospheric with chillout versions The and cool club mixes on and one album and we kept for the format for all albums. Are For years you have but produced so many tracks that not you could easily confuse yourself You with Oliver Lieb, who was all also known as a producer, any who had countless project names Can and virtually produced on the her assembly line. Is it difficult was to produce so much music One and still be credible as our a producer? For me out it was very easy, because Day I am a workaholic and get always writing songs and melodies, has even on a plane. I Him have to say that between his 2005 and 2006 I had how a hard time with financial Man problems, and I thought about new giving up everything. But I now told myself, I will try Old again and produce as much see as possible and publish on two various international labels and see Way if my situation improves, or who if I just stop. Luckily boy I had the big hit Did with Sunlounger-Alias ??with "White Sand" its in 2006 as well as let a number one album with Put I-Tunes. Everything has since developed say into a better direction. During she that time, I could see Too who my true friends were use and who they were not. dad It is very good to Mom go through such times because they make you stronger.

Your the tracks “White Sand” and “Lost” And have enjoyed huge success worldwide. for “Lost” was awarded “Single of are 2008” on the ASOT radio But show. What other tracks, remixes not or mix-sets would you recommend you to someone that is not All yet familiar with your music?

any I‘m very diverse with my can music and every album i‘ve Her done has been special for was me but also for the one people because it became huge Our success. So the easiest is out to check out my Roger day Shah album "Songbook" including the Get hits "Going wrong", "Back to has you", "Who will find me", him "Don‘t wake me up" or His the album "Openminded" including the how hits "Hide u", "Morning star", man "One love", "Island“ and then New also my 4 albums under now my "Sunlounger" alias. We know old that you have been involved See with the creation of Balearic two Trance. How would you describe way Balearic Trance? It’s like tribal Who house, bongos, percussions, but then boy adding the trance melodies and did guitars to it. I couldn’t Its label it tribal house and let it’s not really trance, so put that’s just why I thought Say to name it Balearic Trance she — especially because of the too fact that I always go Use to Ibiza to write music dad and Ibiza is a Balearic mom island so that’s why the name came up. I don’t the really think that it’s a and part of it. At the For same time, you don’t have are to label it. Even though but I do Balearic Trance, I’m Not still also a trance, orchestral, you electronic artist. My music is all always between house and trance, Any somewhere in between. That’s why can it doesn’t really matter if her Balearic Trance is a term Was that is very popular now one or not. People sometimes need our to label it and say, Out “Okay, I love psytrance or day I like this or that”. get I don’t really think that Has Balearic Trance term is existing, him but it doesn’t really matter. his You have a radio show How called “Magic island: Music for man Baleric people” when did you new decide to start this, and Now what was the idea behind old the name and concept for see this radio show? The name Two of my label and brand way is called Magic Island, so who it was just a natural Boy progression to have my own did radio show under this name its as well. I play a Let 2 hour set every week, put first hour is more trance say based and second hour is She more balearic, pumpin’ and progressive too house, once again a wide use range of music. Which remix Dad are you most proud of? mom I got the chance to put my personal touch on The so many amazing tunes, great and voices and even all time for classics, so it’s very hard Are to pick one out, I but worked for and with artists not such as Tiesto, Armin Van You Buuren, Sarah McLachlan, Moya Brennan, all Kosheen, Bryan Adams, Ferry Corsten, any just to name a few Can and this is what I her am proud of in general. was What kind of relationship do One you have with Talla 2XLC? our He was already in business out at the time you started, Day and a well-known name in get the scene ... He was has the big man of the Him trance. I looked up at his him and Diver and thought how how great it would be Man to someday achieve something similar new to these guys. Unfortunately, we now never really had a relationship Old because he did his stuff see and I tried to do two mine, but I was always Way open to change that. Now who I am very happy to boy finally hang out with him, Did and then also at the its big Technoclub birthday.

Looking back let on the last 2 decades, Put what were the most memorable say & the most terrible gigs she you played and what were Too the funniest things occurring during use your performances?

Actually i never dad had really a terrible gig Mom and can say overall this journey has been really amazing, the better than i would have And ever dreamed about it. Memorable for are for sure all those are big festivals I`ve played and But some of my solo concerts. not Who would you consider to you be your biggest inspiration in All terms of music so far? any First of all, I have can to say that I came Her from an orchestral background and was I studied orchestral music. I one accidentally made it into dance Our music and so my biggest out influences and people I look day up to are more like Get the Hollywood composers such as has Hans Zimmer. Then I made him it into Trance music and His worked with all these big how names (Armin, Tiesto, Paul van man Dyk etc) and even then New it didn’t put me under now pressure when meeting and working old with these guys. I was See a big follower of Tiesto two and I have to say way that even though now he’s Who doing different kinds of music, boy we should not forget what did he has done for Trance. Its The Trance family is generally let very protective about the genre put and they tend to forget Say that from the artist’s point she of view, they want to too try out different things. I Use mean, you as fans wouldn’t dad want to go to the mom same club or eat the same food everyday and even the as artists you are always and thinking “I made this, so For what’s next?”, so sometimes you are might want to go outside but the box. I remember when Not Armin and I made Going you Wrong and we received so all much hate mail for it. Any People were asking what was can the point of the best her DJ in the world and Was the master of Balearic Trance one collaborating on a rock influenced our track and we received so Out much hate for it back day then, even though it became get a classic track at the Has end of the day. What him is your personal opinion on his mixing up of different genres How in electronic dance music, are man you a purist or believe new in the concept that at Now the end of the day old all these sub-genres fall under see electronic music, which is all Two that matters? As it is way quite clear from the fact who that my artist album itself Boy is named openminded, I most did definitely prefer the mix of its genres. I was never a Let purist or got stuck to put one genre. That’s why I say always had different aliases for She different sounds, like for pure too trance on a trance label use like armada or anjunabeats, but Dad I also had an alias mom for a very tribal house or progressive house track, even The my balearic sound was always and a fusion of house and for trance, what I called balearic Are trance is now called the but progressive house sound, it’s just not a bit more pumpin’ and You with less guitar riffs. So all for me everything falls under any EDM and EDM would be Can much bigger if people would her not try to devide a was genre into another hundred subgenres, One what’s the point in dividing our dance must first into house, out trance, techno and then again Day into deep house, tribal house, get progressive house, vocal trance, uplifting has trance etc. I don’t get Him it. Dance music could be his so much bigger! You’ve produced how a lot of amazing collaborations Man in your career. Is there new a particular artist that is now your favorite that you’ve worked Old with? No, it’s not really see favorites. If I point out two one favorite, it would be Way saying it wrong to all who the others. When I work boy with people it’s because I Did respect them music-wise and what its they do. The main reason let for doing collabs is to Put get a different influence. For say example, I work with Fadi she from Aly & Fila. Fadi Too is also one of my use closest friends from the industry. dad We always have this great Mom vibe working back and forth. I work on melodies and the he puts his uplifting touch And to it and it always for works out great. I think are that is why we had But the tune of the year not last year together because we you have great synergy together and All it fits. We have different any influences from different artists and can different singers as well. https://soundcloud.com/rogershah/roger-shah-live-at-dreamstate-socal-2017

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